Hyphen’s Long Travelled Thoughts: The Man Who Has Too Many Ideas

I wish you could put 100% effort into 1 thing…instead of 1000 different projects, you would be efficient & awesome at it. – @OfficiallyCHRIS

This was a tweet I got from my friend Chris the other day upon his reading of my three months late D-Why article for TricycleOffense.com. While it could be passed off as a dismissive compliment, it’s really bothered me for days now. He drove the point home further when we met up to watch football the following Sunday.

Essentially, he was saying that if I could manage to stop my mind from wandering from project to project all the time and focus on one thing, I would be great at it. The way I do things now, I have a lot of good projects, but nothing amazing.

As I’ve chronicled before, I planned on releasing The Mind’s Mixtape volume 4 and my first album, Soon You’ll Understand by my 30th birthday in January and then fading from the music scene completely,. After semi-persuing a career for the past 8 years, I wanted to focus on other things. Writing mostly, which is one of the reasons TricycleOffense.com was born. But I also wanted to start working on book ideas I’ve had on the backburner, podcasting, and myabe getting back to fanfiction for funsies. Stuff that would occupy me but also allow for me focus more on my relationships and bettering my life.

Recording was going well until this month. I have 7 or 8 songs of the album done and 6 or 7 of the mixtape. And I’ve had multiple opportunities to record and I just haven’t. I partially blame discovering The Walking Dead but really, it’s because my mind is always wandering.

Because it’s November, I considered trying NaNoWriMo again, even thought I’ve never completed a chapter, let alone 100,000 words. I’ve had multiple Victory Jumpoff Radio ideas even though I haven’t had a episode since the Aaliyah/Michael one. I’ve been mentally redesigning bhyphen.com, again. I played PS2 on Sunday and Monday instead of recording, even though my mic was less than 6 feet away.

But my biggest distraction has been writing for TricycleOffense.com. Currently, I have a weekly series chronicling the Raiders season (it’s starting to be a task), I’m 5 reviews behind on reviewing all of last season’s Breaking Bad episodes, I’ve been contributing the random WWE article here and there, and I write random articles. I’ve been trying to keep my production around 3 articles a week and at one point I was trying to do 5 a week.

On top of that, I’m the site’s webdesigner and main editor of all content that’s not mine. So while we don’t have too much content Monday-Thursday, Friday-Sunday I’m posting Trike House Party, Tom Deja’s Moves Like Curtis, and Geeks Of Gridiron.

Pretty much it’s overwhelming but only overwhelming in the sense of writing though. I can do the web stuff and editing in my sleep. But I can’t continue to write articles on a regular basis.

Back to Chris’ quote; I want to make these last projects great, not just good because I was doing 6 other things at the time. So I’m stopping everything that’s not music related.

  • No articles.
  • No podcasting (I might be convinced to do a guest spot or two).
  • No fiction or fanfiction.

I’m still going to run TricycleOffense.com but if I don’t do something now, the music won’t be finished on time. And that has to be (one of) my main priorities. I have faith that the other writers will be able to carry the workload.

Meanwhile, it’s back to music mode. Thanks for your patience.


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