Hyphen’s Long Travelled Thoughts: Why We’re Here

So I never really explained why TricycleOffense.com is here.

Not that I really have to explain it. At its basis, TricycleOffense.com is just one among a million websites that are created every day. There’s really no rhyme or reason for it other than to carve out a slice of internet real estate. But after reading through this site’s inspiration, Grantland, and noticing that Bill Simmons1 did something similar, I decided to try my hand at explaining what “The Trike” is all about.

The Tricycle Offense was formed one late night when I was having Movie Night2 with Thomas and Anthony. We all worked at The Shoe Dept. and had formed a friendship. Somehow, out of my drunken rambling, I convinced them that we needed to call ourselves the Tricycle Offense3. Why? Because there was three of us, we weren’t playing basketball, and it was more fun to say than triangle offense. They agreed and from then on out, whenever we felt the need to “hulk up” or when we agreed with each other in public, one of would say “Tricycle!” and whoever else was there would loudly conclude “Offense!” History was made.

But really we’re just really dorky.

As it says on our Facebook page, I had this idea during our Wrestlemania XXVIII trip that we should form a website of the same name and start writing articles4. I think it was Anthony who chimed in that we could include podcasts as well and maybe even turn this into a successful venture. Thomas is normally down for whatever, so he agreed and history was again made.

But really, we had no idea what we were doing.

Like Grantland, I wanted TricycleOffense.com to fear no subject. I imagined articles and podcasts about sports, politics, comic books, movies, abortion, gun control, Real Housewives of New Jersey, and whatever else we could get out hands on.

So I dropped $17 dollars on a domain name and set us up on WordPress.com directly after.

And immediately realized, we had a long way to go.

We started out slow, with ours being the only articles. Thomas and I started The Slobberknocker Chronicles podcast after Extreme Rules in May. I asked a bunch of my podcasting buddies if I could post their podcasts on the site. We just started the Trike Adventures (credit goes to Anth for that name) podcast 2 weeks ago (with #1 about to drop in a few days). And slowly but surely, we’ve been building a stable of writers besides ourselves.

But what’s the ultimate goal? I’m not sure. Originally, it was to have fun and possibly make some money. But now, I’m looking at a bigger picture. With the right moves, could TricycleOffense.com become an internet powerhouse? I want us to provide entertainment first and foremost, but if we’re able to provoke thought after you close your browser, aren’t we providing an even more valuable service?

For years now, I’ve been told that print is dead. But I don’t think it’s just that print is dead, I feel like reading is dead. Sites like Grantland and ourselves provide the opportunity for reading to be had about all kinds of topics. A virtual, opinionated library if you will. Why not make an effort to drop 1000 words about something you care about in the moment? That moment can be shared to others for however much longer we exist. All through the power of word.

And the same goes for podcasts. Kevin Smith has turned Smodcast into a second career. Every form of media seems to be available in a podcast now. Why not sit around on a Sunday and shoot the shit with your friends with a microphone present? It’ll definitely be funny but you never know what someone else will take from it and share with the next person.

After thinking on it for days, I’ve given us a new slogan. “Fueled by word power! Whether you agree with them is a different story.” As I explained to Anthony through text last night: we write/speak with words. Words are contained in stories/articles/podcasts. And while some may not like an article or podcast, it still should inspire some type of commentary afterwards.

Mission accomplished.

Enough of my waxing poetic. We haven’t even hit the 6 month mark of our existence yet and I sound like a motivational speaker.

But real quick: TricycleOffense.com wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t a reason or need for it. That’s what I’m sticking with. And while “Here for a reason!” is the vaguest response one might muster, I have to say I think it works.

Now, with that off my chest, I’ll go put Stan’s5 soapbox back before he notices it’s missing. He seems to get really agitated nowadays.

  1. Bill is on my short list of heroes or people that inspire me everyday. That’s not my parents at least. He’s joined in this elite group by Kevin Smith, The Rock (the man speaks so well. And those tweets of his are gold), Jerry West (read West By West), and Michael J. Fox.
  2. A blatant excuse to get smashed while watching movies late into the night. This is how I spent a lot of 2010-2011.
  3. I am a Chicago Bulls nut and no one will ever take the years of 1990-1998 away from me. Not even Derrick Rose’s knee and poor management.
  4. I just started reading Grantland this year I think. The article that got me hooked? His career review of Eddie Murphy.
  5. Stan Lee. Co-creator of the Marvel Universe. Owner of Stan’s Soapbox.


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