I Said It First: Casting Ghostbusters 3

A few weeks ago, an email convo with Heather spawned my idea for a Jennifer Lawrence/Emma Stone comedy tag team. Today, I saw that Ghostbusters 3 may be led by a female team. So Heather and I wasted 40 seconds casting this sumbitch.


  • Lawrence – Probably in the Venkman role, so she gets the Sigourney Weaver character.
  • Stone – In a beefed up Ray role.
  • Emma Watson – As Egon’s female counterpart.
  • Brie Larson – In Winston’s role.

Lizzy Caplan and Lauren Cohan were replaced to get a younger cast.

As Lawrence’s love interest: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Paul Dano as the new team’s Janine.
And Aubrey Plaza committing herself to becoming a female Louis Tully.

It would work. You’d watch it. It’d make all the money. Rinse, wash, and slightly repeat in two years for the sequel.

You’re welcome.

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