I Said It First: Jennifer Lawrence + Emma Stone = Comedy Gold

As I do almost every morning at work, I was emailing Heather. I mentioned recently seeing Crazy Stupid Love and she replied with this:

Emma Stone is a G-D American gem.

I couldn’t argue with that logic and after she mentioned Stone’s appearances on Andrew Garfield’s SNL episode, I had a brainstorm: Jennifer Lawrence and Stone NEED to be the next great comedy team.

Now, while all of you scurry off to your typewriters and whatnot, I decided to throw out a list of films that they could remake while new material was being written. Hell, they could write their own films in between these films. All the better. Without further ado:

  • Bad Boys.
  • 48 Hours.
  • Step Brothers.
  • Men In Black
  • Talledega Nights.
  • Back To The Future.
  • Ghostbusters. (Lawrence. Stone. Cohan. Caplan.)
  • The Blues Brothers.
  • And for your consideration…SHAWSHANK.

Heather talked me off the Shawshank ledge. While I think they could pull it off, maybe that’s one classic they could leave alone. So instead, they could just remake the Murphy/M. Lawrence vehicle Life.

You want this to happen. Hell, any thing that has some type of life on this planet wants this to happen. Someone get me their agents email addresses. I’ll leave you with one more:

  • Coming To America.

Would there even be a point for anyone else to try after this?

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