It’s Like A Podcast Or Whatever – S4 E06 Change My Mind: Negan>Walter White (ft. @TheBHyphen)

So after about a week’s hiatus, Everyday Rogue returns to help Handsome Bane roll out the red carpet for the boss of the Hyphen Podcast Group, none other than the President of the company Mr. BHyphen himself! The gang recaps the winner of the Most Exquisite Black Film Royal Rumbowl as well as the winner of the ILaPoW Ultimate Care Package giveaway. Thanks to all who voted and participated in the great debate.

In more pressing matters, HB defends his hot take that The Walking Dead’s Negan is a better human being than Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Everyday Rogue plays the impartial moderator as The Hyphen takes on the role of Heisenberg’s defense attorney. Points were made and minds were (possibly) changed as we looked at things through a different scope. We understand the importance of perspective and its effect on the viewer. So who do you think wins this? After you listen to this, feel free to weigh in with your opinion?

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