It’s Not Gonna Write Itself: Introduction

I haven’t written a regular column since my I Once Scored 100 Points With Penny Hardaway newsletter that I had way back in 2017. And I made mention of wanting to write more in 2019 in Hyphen Nation 80. So I set January 4th as the day I would make my triumphant return to writing and the day I would launch my brand new column.

I came up with the name It’s Not Gonna Write Itself a few days ago and then I made plans to sit down and hammer out at least 1000 words for today.

According to WordPress, it’s 4:25 pm, and this is all I have.

Ladies and gentleman, procrastination doesn’t hide itself!

Since Hyphen Nation is so topic oriented, I don’t plan to come into these columns every week with a specific topic to talk about. I may go that route sometimes, but I want to use this column as an avenue for creativity. As long as I pick it back up, I may share new pieces of my unwritten novel idea. I may do something of a 10 minute free write each day to see what happens. The main goal is to at least have something up by Friday at 5 pm every week.

I’m fairly certain there will not be any pieces about the WWE. I did a lot of work I’m proud of with my Promos By Hyphen series and with the inconsistent state of the business, I don’t think I’d be able to find enough good to write about. WWE has surprised me before though.

For those of you who may stumble across this in your internet voyages, I’m Kelen Conley. I’m a thirty five year old who lives in Morgantown, WV with my wife, daughter, and chihuahua. You may have heard some of my music (but probably not) under the moniker of B Hyphen. While it’s to be determined if I make any more music, I have been a podcaster for years. My current pod is called Hyphen Nation and can be found here and over at Hyphen Podcast Group (a podcast network I started a year or so ago). If you want to know more than that, maybe the About page can answer some of your questions. That sounded really rude when I just read it out loud, sorry about that. I guess.

I’m struggling to come up with something else to mention here and it serves me right since I procrastinated. Just a few years ago, I could sit down and knock out a thousand words without even thinking about it in a time crunch. I’m sure with repetition my writing speed will return; it’s just frustrating.

I encourage you to check out my friend and semi-regular podcast co-host Marcus Robinson’s site Marc Rob. While he’s taken a break recently, he has a lot of great writing on there that I think you’ll enjoy. That’s the level of content I’m hoping to create on a weekly basis.

I have a minute left in the time I allotted myself, so I’ll wrap up this column here. It feels terrible but I’m going to give it a quick proof and then submit it to the world. Feel free to comment below. And prayers in this journey would be appreciated. I also accept PayPal and Venmo.

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