Jordan Clan – The Ballad Of Dusty Rhodes (feat. B Hyphen)

The day I recorded what I knew was the last song for my album in 2013, I did the same thing I had done with every song I recorded during 2012 and 2013. I turned the music up and sat on my basement steps. I let the song play on repeat. This was the just recorded version; no mixing or mastering had taken place yet. In that moment, dead sober on those steps, I cried. What had been a three year journey to that point had come to an end with principle recording. What I claimed would be my last mixtape and first and last album were done. Now I listen to that song and cringe. Artists never stop growing I guess. I knew once Aaliyah was born, I wouldn't have time nor want the time to write and record new music. @monstalung told me I was getting better; that I shouldn't hang it up. And eventually he got through to me. But since Aaliyah was born, I've written 4 verses. One came out in 2014 and the song I present to you today was written almost 2 years ago… at the Baltimore Aquarium… I was really next to a pirate ship. E and I got together for my birthday last year and I mentioned I had written something. An hour later, "The Ballad Of Dusty Rhodes" was born. I'm releasing it now because we're both quite proud of it and there's no reason to keep a good song on our respective hard drives. I still have the desire to make music. I'm not gonna start cranking out tracks like podcasts (that's hard enough), but every now and again, I might have to throw on my music hat. No guarantees it'll be as good as this. Link in my bio. #music #rap #hiphop #bhyphen #dustyrhodes #professionalwrestling #prowrestling #wwe #wcw #nwa #hardtimes #thejordanclan #djmonstalung #baltimore #baltimoreaquarium #gambling

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