May The Capture Games Odds Be In Your Favor

In this new feature, the writer attempts to get to the point in 500 words or less. Today, I take on the CW’s new show Capture.

So after Whose Line…[1. I really, really, really love Whose Line… Get off my back.] on Tuesday, Anthony pointed out a new show debuting called Capture. The opening montage was enough to suck me in so Angel and I settled in to give it a chance.

Five minutes hadn’t passed before Angel yelled, “It’s The Hunger Games!” She wasn’t wrong. 12 teams are competing for $250,000 and every two days a new team is chosen to hunt the other team across a sprawling 4,000 acre terrain. After a small head start, the hunters are required to capture the other teams by placing a talon (a disc with red lights that causes the captured’s vests to flash) on at least one of another team’s players. Once a team is captured, the hunt is done for the day, and the captives have to sit in an open jail cell adjacent to the other teams. The hunting team must capture 1 team on each day in order to have immunity from elimination. If they fail totally, they’re automatically eliminated from the game and if they only capture 1 team, they face elimination with the captured team.

Each player is given a tracker so they have an idea of the lay of the land but if a team stops for three minutes, they become visible on the hunters’ trackers.

Team Purple captured Team Yellow and Team Lime (I know). Yellow got caught because the two girls were arguing over which direction to take for 3 minutes and Lime wasn’t fast enough to escape. The girl on Lime twisted her ankle but over exaggerated it to appear weak.  The remaining 10 teams made nice with each other and debated on eliminating Yellow but had all seemed to change their minds to Lime by night’s end, and even told Yellow this. At elimination, Yellow was shocked when they were eliminated (they were the first team to reach 6 votes).

The actual hunting part of the game is dope, as those parts of the show feel truly authentic…except for the part where Yellow stopped for three minutes just to argue. Nothing screams scripted better than an impromptu fight after one of the girls puke. All the dialogue that took place in between the hunts was pretty awful; a team of guys managed to get a team of girls to sleep with them…for “warmth”. The hunting team said they were homeless and living out of their car, so they really needed the quarter of a million. And the part were several teams walked up to Yellow and told them they were voting for Lime only to do the opposite felt forced too. Survivor this is not. One of my favorite lines: After a brush with the hunting team (who wear silver vests to distinguish themselves in the field), a panting woman compared them to silverback gorillas. Really? Really? Really?

While it wasn’t a bad episode, there were too many glaring flaws that might make me pass on coming back (apparently, I missed the second episode last night). I’ll give it another chance though; I just have to remember that I am watching a CW show at the end of the day.

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