Moving Into Scoring Position

So after the smoke settled from the “This Place” video debacle, I still had to figure out how to roll out this album. A few days before the debacle in fact, I began to rewrite a track entirely that I had originally written and recorded as “I Met A Girl Named Rumor In 1986”. After finishing the first verse, I was excited about the direction of the song. When I reread the verse a few days later, I hated it.

I’ve spent a few weeks trying to get back into the song, trying to find a direction I’d rather take it than the direction I took before, but I kept coming up empty. And then I kept thinking about a song I wanted to write called “Epilogue” which would wrap up the feelings of quitting I expressed throughout Soon You’ll Understand. The problem was figuring out a way to make a song explaining a 6 or 7 month gap between when I initially finished the album to now.

I also had a Lip Beats track that I’ve been dying to use that I wanted to tack onto the album just because I love it so much but again, I had no idea what to do with it.

I was watching Drake’s CRWN interview over the weekend and 40 mentioned how it’s easy for you to keep adding tracks to an album and how it’s harder to be more concise. This point hammered home something I was coming to terms with a few days before:

SYU is finished. I need to present it in the best way possible and then move on.

While some tracks were written a few years earlier, SYU was written to be my farewell to music and I have to let it stand like that. I can’t tack on an “Epilogue” and be like, “Sike, thanks for listening. See you next time.” It cheapens the overall effort. So SYU will be 10 tracks.

The remaining 4 songs are going to be shuffled into a free EP, and I’ll be releasing the title and artwork for that later today.

Release dates
October 14: First and only single from EP will be released.
October 29: EP released for free download.
November 11: “Better With Bacon (The Hyphen)” released.
November 26: Soon You’ll Understand released for pay what you want download.

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