Hyphen Nation – Episode #92: Hawt A$$ Takes (Costarring Marcus Robinson)

Five categories: Music. Movies. Sports. Television. Potpourri. Both Marcus and I entered with (almost) 3 hot takes for each category. Over the course of this episode, you won’t just hear some takes. You won’t just hear some hot takes. These are certified HAWT ASS TAKES. Accept no substitutes until the next time the fire burns. … [[Continue Reading]]

Hyphen Nation – Episode #89: Preaching To The Choir

You can check out the Violet Apples YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLh7AC1UuDPtvS5eJixF4gg Get your Morgantown weather report! See how long I can stretch out the word AND in between thoughts! How many locales was this episode recorded in? I actually address a topic I first mentioned on Episode #43. RIP Nipsey Hussle. And a huge moment in modern … [[Continue Reading]]

A Podcast Called Fresh – Part Two of Episode 1 – The Watchers Become The Engineers

In the first episode of A Podcast Called Fresh, hosts Maps and Kelen Conley start off by discussing their love for comics since youth, and get into a review and movie pitch for Marvel’s Nextwave TPB, written by Warren Ellis. From there they pitch fifty-eleven movies for the next Marvel movie phase, including the introduction … [[Continue Reading]]