Predicting Super Bowl XLIX

Kelen: 2-0 (5-5)
Anthony: 1-1 (7-3)

Kelen: There isn’t an NFL team that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots haven’t beaten at some point in their 15 seasons together, where said fan of the defeated team muttered these words:

“I hate the New England Patriots.”

Since taking over for Drew Bledsoe in 2001, Brady and the Pats have had more miracles than a televangelist (unless the Giants and/or Bernard Pollard are involved). My personal moment of this came in the 2001 AFC Divisional Playoffs, when the no longer valid tuck rule changed a Brady fumble into an incomplete pass that led to a playoff loss for my Raiders. Ever since then, I wished Brady would blow out his knee (he did in 2008) and/or the Patriots would lose when it counted the most. And I’ve been doing pretty well with those wishes since 2007.

But I just have this feeling the Patriots are going to win this Super Bowl.

Considering the fact their last two Super Bowl losses came down to Eli Manning and the Giants making huge plays when they had to, it’s not that far-fetched. Yes, the Seahawks have the Legion of Boom across the field. But Sherman and Thomas are both nursing injuries. Yes, the Seahawks have Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch and a core of unselfish backs/receivers/tight ends that don’t care who makes the play, just as long as the play gets made. But that same offense played horrible for 3 and a half quarters at home just two weeks ago. Everyone keeps saying that the Seahawks couldn’t play that horribly two games in a row… but why couldn’t they?

Let’s be clear, I want Seattle to repeat. I would love nothing more than to watch Brady and Belichick and Gronk and Kraft and Revis and the rest of them look miserable as their drives fail and Seattle keeps putting points on the board. Or basically a repeat of last year’s Super Bowl. I wanted the Ravens/49ers to slug it out, I wanted the Broncos to get blown out, and I want the same for the Patriots.

But what if an early touchdown pass to Gronk leads to a 1 yard plunge by LeGarrette Blount and then it’s 14-0 before Katy Perry is even finished getting dressed for halftime? Will Seattle be able to do what they’ve done the past two seasons and fight back until they find a way to win? Will they answer the early scores but never get the definitive stop they need to have a shot? Or will the Patriots blow them out in the style of some of the late 80s/early 90s Super Bowls?

And then we’ll have to see Tom Brady, in all his smug glory, smiling, holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy on SportsCenter for weeks. And on every piece of NFL material leading until next year’s game. Another smug smile that will last for the rest of our lifetimes, just like his other three wins.


But it just feels like it’s time for the Pats to win it again. I can’t shake it. I hate it. Maybe I’m as wrong about this as I was about my Cowboys prediction a few weeks ago. I really hope so.

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