Promos By Hyphen: Waiting On Rocky

This is the time of year where I have Raw on but I’m not paying attention. The past few weeks worth of programming proves exactly why.

The Hell in a Call PPV came and went. Alberto Del Rio regained the WWE Title. The Miz and R-Truth snuck into the arena but ended up arrested.

Everyone on Raw (aside from John Cena, Sheamus, Randy Orton, and CM Punk) gave a vote of no-confidence in Triple H as the GM of Raw and walked out. He was removed one week later by Vince McMahon and replaced by John Laurinaitis. Miz and Truth got their jobs back.

Big Show also returned and restarted his feud with World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry. Henry had injured Show at SummerSlam.

WWE Vengeance is this Sunday. Here’s the card:

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title
John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

World Heavyweight Title Match
Big Show vs. Mark Henry

WWE Tag Team Title Match
Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne

WWE Divas Title Match
Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix

CM Punk and Triple H vs. The Miz and R-Truth

Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton

If I seem a little underwhelmed by all these events, you caught me. After a promising summer (another usually boring part of the WWE’s year), WWE has seemed to throw all of their storylines out the window in favor of treading water.

Their best storyline with Mark Henry and Randy Orton? Stopped because of Big Show returning. Why not have a Triple Threat match with Orton, Show, and Henry?

Del Rio and Cena again. Now that WWE’s Mexico run is over, ADR will be dropping the strap at some point.

Air Boom vs. Ziggler and Swagger again. Unless they’re actually gonna put the belts on Ziggler and Swagger, what’s the point? They’ve both become cannon fodder for Zack Ryder in the past month anyway.

Cody vs. Randy? Do we really need to revisit the Legacy storyline when Cody hasn’t gotten any better since Legacy broke up in 2010?

And I’m not speaking on the CM Punk match here.

The only logical reasoning I can find for the mess WWE has become in recent weeks is due to one thing:

The Rock is coming back to wrestle at November’s Survivor Series.

In recent years, the WWE has relied on its Hall of Fame alumni to boost storylines and ratings. None bigger than their usage of The Rock at Wrestlemania XXVII as guest host. His guest host spot lead to the booking of The Rock vs. John Cena a year in advance. And now, in order to get ring ready for Wrestlemania XXVIII, The Rock will supposedly take part in a match at Survivor Series.

And while there has been no official mention of this by the WWE, it seems that right around the time the news came out about The Rock, the storylines have gotten horrible. The employee walk out. The removal of Triple H as Raw GM. The firing of JR. Having Michael Cole wrestle. Having John Morrison job to everyone (though rumor has it that his contract is almost up). I don’t think anyone with WWE knows what the plan is until 5 minutes before the Superstars hit the ring.

The WWE is indeed out of control but it’s not because Triple H was in charge of Raw. Maybe once The Rock in back in the mix, the storylines will get better, more focused. Or maybe I should just lower my expectations until January.

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