RE: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Voting for the Pajiba 10 Begins Now

The results have been in for 10 days and I just saw them…

It’s that very special time of year again, folks, where we cast aside our daggers and pitchforks, we take a break from our daily hellscape, and we do something that not only matters but something in which we actually have a modicum of power. Here, your vote matters, people. Not only that, but you get ten votes, which is basically tantamount to ranked-choice voting. Your outliers might not make the Pajiba 10, but slowly and surely, a consensus builds around ten wonderful people each year, ten celebrities, sports figures, podcasters, or even politicians about whom the Pajiba staff is ultimately compelled to write glowing things. (I dare you all to put Meghan McCain in, just so that Mike has to write about her. No. Nevermind. That’s too cruel).

I’ve been trying to post this for weeks. Anyway, the 2019 Pajiba 10 is here and just like 2017 and 2018, Heather and I are back with our 10 for our freebie list! The twist this time out is that due to a counting error, everyone got to pick a former Pajiba 10 Hall of Famer to be re-added to the HoF. If you have to read that twice, I understand. So despite the fact that voting is closed, here are our 10 picks for 2019.

Italics denotes that we agreed on a choice. Ladies first though.

Paul Rudd
Michael B. Jordan
Riz Ahmed
Winston Duke
Richard Madden
Tessa Thompson
Jodie Comer
Ruth Negga
Zoe Kravitz
HoF: Hayley Atwell

Keanu Reeves
Chris Pine
Michael B. Jordan
Kristen Bell
Tessa Thompson
Donald Glover
Linda Cardellini
Megan Rapinoe
Natasha Lyonne
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
HOF: Paul Rudd

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