Rush Reviews: Joe Budden – Some Love Lost

I sent Chiv a text a while back along the lines of “Joe Budden fell off” after listening to his No Love Lost album. Our Mood Muzik champion had attempted to cash in on his Love & Hip-Hop appearances and I wasn’t happy. His work with Sluaghterhouse wasn’t much better.

I went into Some Love Lost cautiously and rightfully so; Joey has pretty much perfected what I’ll call “Tahiry Raps” as most of the content is centered around failed romances and misunderstandings. Where his pain was his greatest asset, it’s now become his biggest flaw. Once I set that aside though, Some Love Lost is full of great Mood-y era bars and is a nice bounce back from No Love Lost. Probably a better non-sober listen, unless you’re Joe. Keep him in the strip clubs and with a hookah, he’ll be fine.

I paired this up with the tracks he released under the #SomeLove tag, which makes it much more refreshing.

#SomeLove tracks: “Nothing Changes”, “Devil In My Room”, “Make A Deal”, “Dream On”, “I Might Need More Than 16 Tho”

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