So I Started Writing This… I Really Think March Hates Me

I’ve never liked March. I can’t put my finger on why, I guess it’s because when I was younger, I claimed bad things happened to me in March (or rather I would get in trouble and subsequently grounded). As I got older, I found myself dealing with a touch of seasonal depression in March; it’s not quite winter (though it likes to pretend) and it’s not quite spring (even though it will tease you relentlessly). In fact, other than it containing friends and family’s various birth dates, I will never have reason to enjoy March.

And now I’m sure that March really has it in for me. Not only did my daughter come up with an insane 104 degree temperature for a night and make her first ever trip to the ER, not only did my mom somehow crack two of her ribs, but the fate gods decided to drop a triple whammy on me on the same day. My best friend Matt scored two tickets to a Pittsburgh Penguins game; neither one of us have been to a live NHL game.

There was no way I was passing up hanging with my dude who just became a new father all while seeing a live hockey game. As March rolled along, I was following two of my favorite things The Walking Dead and the WWE. TWD was speeding towards its season finale and WrestleMania season was in high gear. I hadn’t missed a WrestleMania PPV since 2010 (and I attended live in Miami in 2012) and TWD was doing its best to fill the hole that you’re left with after completing the complete series runs of both The Wire and Breaking Bad.

I don’t know exactly when I realized it. It had to be when I was watching a recent episode of Raw and Michael Cole was blabbering about WrestleMania been two weeks away. I started doing math in my head… WrestleMania is on March 29. The same day as the Penguins game. Dammit. I was okay with this though, because for only $9.99, the WWE Network made it super easy to catch the Mania replay when I found time. I would watch the Raw after WrestleMania any way; I spoil myself on so many storylines throughout the year that not seeing what happened before Raw goes on isn’t a big deal.

TWD on the other hand was a huge deal. If you’re reading this, there’s a chance you know that I write a weekly recap column called TALKING OUT THE DEAD with my fellow Tricycle Offense co-creator Thomas Crawford. Because of our vastly different schedules, we normally start it on Tuesday and try our best to finish by Friday. Well now, I haven’t seen any of it. And I’m the only one of my friends who hasn’t. In the third period of the hockey game, I’m getting texts like, “OH MY GOD I HATE THAT I CANT TALK TO YOU ABOUT THIS FUCKING EPISODE.” So something major went down.

I logged off of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit last night around 7, so as of 4:46 PM Monday March 30, I remain spoiler free on TWD. Someone was walking out of Consol Energy last night watching the Network and I started the beginning of WrestleMania prior to work. I made the mistake of looking at something on Tumblr today on my lunch break, so I spoiled the ending of Mania, I just don’t know how they got to that point. Like I said, spoilers aren’t that big of a deal to me, but when you’re consciously trying to avoid them, it’s disappointing when you can’t do it.

But seriously, so that I stop sounding like a huge baby (for now) I went to my first NHL game featuring the Penguins and Sharks. I got to meet my best friend’s (going on 20 years) new daughter.

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