Talking Out The Dead: “Alone”


Thomas Crawford: This episode was a bit of a roller coaster.  Things I thought were going to happen did not.  They built up Bob’s character a great deal.  Things happened that made me question Daryl’s judgement.  Also, after I starting to dig the relationship that Daryl and Beth were building, she gets abducted.  What the hell?

First, what about Bob?  The show started and it looked like Bob was alone.  For a split second, I didn’t realize it was a flashback.  However, it showed Bob surviving on his own, and having some interesting ways of trying to get rest with walkers constantly roaming around.  He made it a point to mention that he never did sleep much when he was alone, even after guzzling a bottle of cough syrup.

I had thoughts that Bob was going to bite it this episode.  It is getting close, and there are only three episodes left in the season.  The entire second half of the season has been about various characters trying to recover from losing the prison.  Anyone who has been watching the show knows that there is one big kill left before the end of the season.

It is true some might not consider Bob a big kill, however he has become a part of TWD family.  He had his issues with alcohol, helped a lot during the flu in the prison, and has become a fully fleshed out character in this second half of season four.  He has even gotten as much a back story as Michonne.  How is he not a big character at this point?  Kelen will also probably point out that the writers tend to like to build characters up, make them seem safe, then cut them down.

That all said, I totally expected Bob to end his run with the show tonight.  What did happen?  Bob came out looking like a strong character.  He also got to show his feelings for Sasha, which actually caught me by surprise.  In the end, he was wandering alone, and the scene seemed set for a gruesome ending.  It wasn’t meant to be though, as Maggie and Sasha caught up with him and they all embraced.

Let’s be blunt, this is a dark show.  It is a show that tends to lean towards the outright depressing at times.  However, I think moments like these are still needed.  There is only so much down and out one person can take before not watching the show anymore.  I am sure a lot felt this was another character driven show, and in a sense it was.  However, I have no problems with Bob getting a bit of back story, getting a kiss, and getting a happy ending to the episode.  Moving on…

Daryl, what in the world dude?  First off, I find taking advantage of a semi-safe haven is understandable.  However, was there not the least bit of concern when Daryl and Beth walked into a funeral home and found dead walkers preserved and ready for a funeral?  Actually Beth came off kind of creepy, saying how sweet it was.  The entire episode of them in that home sort of gave me the creeps.  Let’s be honest, the place was clean, it had fresh food, and it had dead walkers made up laying in coffins.  Does anyone else see a problem staying in the vicinity of this place?

Yes, the people who lived in the funeral home could be dead.  However, Beth and Daryl both seemed to make a point that the place was clean and well taken care of, not to mention the food was fresh with no dust on it.  This is where I question Daryl’s judgement.  I know Beth had been injured by the animal trap.  I think I would have chosen to carry her through the woods all night instead of staying in that place.

How about Daryl sleeping in a coffin?  Yes, that wasn’t strange or freaky at all either.  The fact he said it was the most comfortable bed he had ever slept in actually made me wonder if I might not be wrong about him being safe for the season.  Last week, Beth said Daryl was going to survive and she wasn’t.  This was a very blatant foreshadowing.  Now, you have Daryl laying in a coffin, talking about how it is the most comfortable place he has ever slept, with Beth singing a song in the background.  It seemed eerily like a funeral in a way.

I hope this was just me looking too much into this scene, but now I am worried that Daryl might be on Kill Watch.  The fact that he didn’t even look outside and opened the doors when he heard the dog barking, again, what was he thinking?  Where is the Daryl that knows how dangerous the world is?  Where is the Daryl that would have gathered all that food up and taken Beth away from that house?

His one saving grace this episode was the fight scene with the horde of walkers.  Make no mistake, there might have been only a dozen, but he was in a tiny basement.  That was a horde of walkers.  This was a high adrenaline scene for me as I even jumped when the walkers exploded into the house.  Daryl ran down to the basement with no chance of reloading his cross bow and the walkers were sprinting after him.

The scene was really cool and showed one of Daryl’s best traits: killing zombies.  In a small room with no escape, it is safe to say the majority of characters would have been overrun.  Daryl has the presence of mind to pull a gurney between him and the oncoming horde, and proceed to go to town with a scalpel and what appeared to be a large hypodermic needle.

It was a cool scene, and Daryl made it out.  Before the scene ended, fans saw Beth’s bag laying on the ground, and a car taking off in the distance.  Leave it to Beth.  There is only 20 percent of the human population left.  However, she somehow manages to find the ones that kidnap people.  On a serious note, it was a great scene overall.  On one hand, I was shaking my head thinking how stupid Daryl and Beth had both been.  On the other, the fight with the horde and Beth somehow getting kidnapped made for an awesome time.

Kelen Conley: I think what happened to Daryl was the fact that he got comfortable for the first time…in maybe ever. Nice house. Seems secure. Food. A young woman that he may or may not be taking a fancy to. The responsibility of only protecting himself and Beth over a whole group of people like at the prison. This may have been the closest Daryl has ever come to a normal life.

Were the signs there? Sure. But I think Daryl was thinking in a big picture kind of way here instead of his normal day-to-day mindset. He knows he can protect himself, Beth can defend herself and he’s teaching her new techniques. I don’t think he was that crazy.

That said, those walkers bursting through the door scared the crap out of me. I don’t get that jumpiness that often after 4 seasons but they got it right here. I totally agree that Daryl’s battle with that horde ranks up there on my greatest walker battles list. I think Michonne could have come out of there alive as well though.

Beth getting kidnapped was not expected at all. I should’ve guessed considering that it seemed like someone led the walkers to the funeral home, especially with how many was at the door. The question is if these are Terminus people or another threat entirely.

And I noticed that Daryl didn’t pick up Beth’s purse. Not that it’s helpful currently, but what about the money?!

The gang that Daryl decided to join up with were the same ones from “Claimed” as I recognized a few of them when they surrounded our hero. I’m not surprised by Daryl linking up with them either. This is from an email I sent Heather on February 28th:

Unless Beth dies in some heroic way where Daryl knows he could’ve done nothing. But what if Beth dies on his watch, Daryl stalks off, we don’t see him for a few episodes, and then when he shows up again, he’s with the group that broke into the house?!

Execution was different but I still nailed this one on the head. Well, that is if Daryl has officially joined up with them. I think we’ll see him fall back into his pre-apocalypse ways for a little while, but the minute the gang hurts someone innocent or just says something wrong, I can see him trying to take them on. I have little confidence that he could just sneak off without them following him. What else is there to do anyway?

The Maggie/Sasha/Bob of it all was very well done and I love that we now have Bob back story. Sure, he still comes off as a weird, loose cannon to me but at least we know what he was doing before he met our group.

I do want to mention that Bob got bit by a walker but he claimed that it hadn’t broken through his bandages. His bandages were good but were they good enough? All it would take was a little bit of walker saliva mixing with his blood and he could be in for the slowest walker turn of all-time. How insane would it be for the three of them to lie down to sleep one night only to be attacked by Bob the walker?! I hope not though.

Can I just say that Maggie is disgusting? I know she wants Glenn to find his way to Terminus (and by episode’s end, it seems he/Tara/Abraham/Rosita/Eugene are on their way) but blood? Clearly, she knows enough about walkers now to know what turns people and what doesn’t but still…walker blood?!


Loved the interactions between Bob and Sasha and it was good to get inside her head with her fears of finding out Tyreese didn’t make it (and I still can’t say that be a bad thing if he didn’t). I also like that we got a little romance between the two of them but I don’t see much being done with them romantically in the next three episodes. Too much ground to cover.

Walker kill of the week goes to Maggie for her work with that parking sign. Bravo lady. Bravo.

I found that the Maggie sleeping with the walkers plot point was too convenient though. As Sasha said when she and Bob parted ways, she wanted to stop at the first defendable place they could find. If Maggie saw this same place and wanted to rest, why in the hell wouldn’t she go inside? I mean, her plan was working but as soon as that glass shattered, there was walkers everywhere. While I get that the dead walkers mask her smell, you’re telling me if those walkers shuffle by her enough, they still won’t smell her? Get out of here.

So we get our happy ending with Maggie and Sasha reuniting with Bob and our ominous ending of Daryl maybe joining up with the Choke You Out Over A Bed Gang. This Sunday’s episode returns us to Carol/Tyreese/Krazy Lizzie/Mika/Judith (who will now be known as Walker Bait). With all the tension lying under the surface with those characters, I can’t wait to see what happens with them.

And does Carol sacrifice Mika to the walkers? That’s what the preview looked like. Could Carol have really lost her grip on her sanity?

TC: The Sasha finding Maggie scene was a little convenient.  Sasha found a spot that had high ground and looked safe, and Maggie just happened to stop there? Really?  She said she overheard what Sasha had said to Bob about finding a place with high ground the night she left the group.  This is one of those things that happens when writers aren’t sure how to cleanly finish something off or tie something together.  What could have just been a coincidence is made out to be more, and even seems like the writers are really reaching.  It is true that Sasha and Bob were tailing Maggie, but Sasha just “happened” to stumble into the building where Maggie decided to stop and wait.  Yes, coincidences do occur, but this is what I consider more then a little lazy storytelling.

The point I think was they were trying to build something between Bob and Sasha, and Sasha at some point had to leave Bob.  At the same time, they had to bring them all together.  They couldn’t necessarily do something like having Sasha and Bob go up just to get a vantage point, and maybe see if Maggie was nearby.  This wouldn’t have led to the same scene of Bob kissing her and walking away.  While this was a cheap way of doing it, again, I will suspend my disbelief and give it a pass.   I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt mostly because Sasha and Maggie battling the walkers back to back was amazing.

I am also definitely understanding of Daryl feeling safe and normal for the first time in his life.  However, I got to still give him shots.  After what happened at the prison, and then finding something like that?  I would be a little more then cynical.  Perhaps the writers could have done a little better job.  Perhaps they should have had Beth not able to walk at all and they were forced to spend the night.  They had Daryl carrying her at one point, helping her while she was limping, then she was walking with a slight limp, then she was running from the house when the horde got in.  This was all out of order.  I guess I’m just being picky but if they had been forced to stay the night I wouldn’t be so hard on Daryl.  Again, I think that fight may be my favorite and I would have to go back to find another that tops it.

You are right by the way, I didn’t recognize those crazy guys at the end were the same ones in the house with Rick.  Now we are probably not going to see Daryl for at least another week.  I am curious what is the timeline on this at this point?  It seems like it shouldn’t have been that long since the prison, maybe a week at most?  I am just curious because with three episodes left, the characters that are going to meet up will have to come together pretty soon as they are getting very close.  They introduced Abraham’s group, and we have heard nothing since then, and now this group has made a second appearance.  We have also been introduced to what appears to be a creepy kidnapper(s).

The reason I bring this up is because how much time can Daryl spend with the group?  Is this group just an obstacle?  Will Daryl split soon with the group or travel with them for awhile for safety?  Someone asked if this is the last we have seen of Daryl until the finale, and that is an interesting thought.

Overall, this episode had its ups and downs, but left me with a lot of questions for the final three episodes.  By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if Carol is off her rocker, keep in mind the people she cared for most kicked her out.  Technically it was Rick, but I’m not sure if he told her it was his decision or not.  Either way, I seriously doubt she has been well adjusted.  Plus, she has been reunited with two kids that she considered (new) daughters.  Keep in mind, she lost her baby in season two.  Losing two more she considered like daughters was a probably a strain.  I don’t like considering what might happen based on trailers because usually I am wrong.  I would say some shit is going to hit the fan this week.

KC: I’m willing to chalk Daryl’s defenses being down up to bad writing. He’s never put down his guard the whole series and then he gets around a cheerful, barely legal woman, loses his grip on things. And now that you mention it, Beth definitely didn’t sell her injury well when she took off from the funeral home. But then again, she had been resting it all day, it was a flight or fight situation, adrenaline, etc., she could have easily ignored her pain.

The time frame is an interesting question, so let me try to tackle it. “After” takes place the evening of the prison fight. Michonne said Rick was unconscious for 2 days in “Claimed” I think. So by the time Michonne joined up with them at the house, it’s been 3 days. Let’s also say that “Claimed” took place the day after Michonne got there so 4 days for them total.

“Inmates” takes place over the evening after the prison fight and the next day for Daryl/Beth/Tyreese/Carol/Mika/Krazy Lizzie/Walker Bait. Add on the night Daryl and Beth spent in the trunk in “Still”, and then the day at the country club and night at the abandoned shack. 2 days for them. This episode’s events seem to take place within the day and night after they burned the shack; 3 days. And by the time Daryl meets the gang it’s some time on day 4 since the prison for him.

Glenn/Tara/Abraham/Rosita/Eugene is hard to keep track of, seeing as there has been no signs of night in their scenes. Could the prison attack have occurred early enough in the day that their events from “Inmates” and “Claimed” all took place in the same day? Tara mentioned that everyone from the bus was all dead,  but could she really tell that from driving by it? I’m guessing that they passed the bus after Maggie/Bob/Sasha cleared it in “Inmates”. So when we see Glenn at the end of this episode, it could’ve taken 4 days for him to see his first Terminus sign.

Maggie/Bob/Sasha’s events from “Inmates” take place on the day of the prison attack, and again, I’m not sure if they found the prison bus first or not. Their events from this episode take place over 2 days it seems, with them battling walkers in the fog probably the morning after the prison attack.

I guess the long and short of it is, the timeline really doesn’t matter right now and that most of the group will be reunited at season’s end. We still don’t know if they’re walking into imprisonment or sanctuary though.

I expect Daryl to kick around with them for a little while but something will happen where he will decide to split and find the original group. Or maybe he shows up to Terminus with them.

Great points on Carol. You forgot to add in that Ed abused her for countless years before the apocalypse even began. So the bad ass, strong Carol that I have a crush on could be  psychotic. Maybe she did kill Karen and David. Maybe she did split open that rat back at the prison in “Too Far Gone”. Still think Krazy Lizzie fed the walkers (especially after that preview of her playing tag with a walker on Talking Dead) but her banishment could have been the last straw for what little sanity she has left. Kill Watch!

  • Daryl – based on the funeral home being eery foreshadowing.
  • Mika – it looked like Carol sacrificed her to the walkers to me.
  • Tyreese – if Carol has lost her marbles, what’s to stop her from revealing her secret to Cryreese and then killing him if he gets aggressive?
  • Walker Bait – she’s a defenseless baby!
  • Krazy Lizzie – She was playing tag with a walker. Just throwing that out there again.

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