Talking Out The Dead: “Always Accountable”

Thomas Crawford: This episode seemed a little like filler in my opinion. Yes, there was some things going on, yet it didn’t really hold my attention that much either. I’m not going to say I had the problems with it that I had with “Now.” However, there were some points where it was trying to waste a little time in between the last episode and the next.

We know that Abraham has problems. When Sasha, the poster child for unstable in TWD says he has a problem, you know it is true. Is Abraham being really reckless for a reason though? I know they have sort of drifted back and forth with him. Yet it is one of those weird things that seems like we don’t get as much depth. Big Red trying to get an RPG and screaming like a mad man into face of walker… what gives?

I guess he is tortured maybe? Perhaps he has a touch of PTSD after being out in the world for so long? That is what we thought was the issue with Sasha. That and her losing Bob and Tyreese in a short period of time didn’t help. Abraham is anxious to kill any and every walker that crosses his path. I can get behind that. However he is willing to go after walkers that pose no immediate threat, which could pose a problem.

It was nice for Sasha to give him the talk. As Big Red said, he liked that she called him on his “bullshit.” Will he do an about face now? Or is it a temporary reprieve before he starts being reckless again? I sort of hope that it is an about face. The way they have portrayed Abraham feels like they may be setting him up for a sendoff this season.

When did Sasha become the calm and responsible one? They get run off the road by strangers firing at them. She and Abraham gun them down. She is the one that keeps her cool and realizes that after splitting up with Daryl, they need to stay put. As a tracker, the best way to find him is to let him find them. She also stops Abraham from going after two walkers that would have caused unwanted danger. Again I ask, who is this cool headed Sasha?

I like that the characters are going through some issues, and seem to be adapting. However, it seems a little fast to me. I understand the show only has so many episodes to dive into the different characters. However, sometimes it seems like the writers rush it. Again this isn’t a major issue with me. This is just something that struck me as I watched the episode.

Man, when Daryl has bad luck, he really has bad luck. Not only does the group get blindsided by the unknown attackers, he wrecks his new bike. Then he has to take off in the woods. He ends up split up from Sasha and Abraham, injured, unable to fire up his bike because of the attackers, then he gets blindsided by more strangers.

Seriously, if you ever see two women walking alone in TWD universe, always do a quick check over the shoulder. Tina and Honey distract Daryl long enough for some jerk named Dwight to hit him from behind. Then in true TWD fashion, they tie him up and start to go through his things. Are there no more honorable people in this world?

That was a rhetorical question. Got to admit I’m a little worried about Daryl at this point. Don’t get me wrong, he is still a bad ass. He is the one I give top chances to survive week in and out. However, has Aaron’s philosophy sort of dulled his edge?

They kidnapped him, and he got away. He went back when he realized that Tina was going to die without the insulin he had taken when he had swiped his stuff back. I can forgive him for that, because I wouldn’t want that on my conscience. However, he had a bunch of people tracking him while he was with them, and thought it was a good idea to stick around? I’m not sure if that was a great idea.

We know that Daryl and Rick were clashing a little over bringing people into Alexandria. We also know that Aaron chose Daryl because he thought he would be a good judge of character. I would say that with this being the second group he found, the first person being Morgan, he isn’t doing that great at judging.

Near the end really had me worried. Honey and Dwight wait until he takes them back to his bike, and he realizes his mistake too late.

So, is Daryl losing a step? Is this just something that is out of the ordinary that Daryl learns from? Is it perhaps foreshadowing, as Daryl had a few final words for Dwight and Honey before they left on his motorcycle?

I’m not really sure. I’m curious as to what you thought about this episode. Was it just filler? Am I not giving Daryl enough credit? What do you think is going to happen between Abraham and Sasha?

Kelen Conley: I liked this episode, especially with it following “Now”. Unlike with Rick, we get to see what is happening on the road with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham which is something we need to know considering they’re the only characters running into new challenges right now.

But before we get into it: Glenn’s not dead. Three episodes and we haven’t seen a glimpse of his body. This would’ve been the perfect place for Sasha and Abraham to find him and instead they spend most of their time in a random office building nowhere near that damn dumpster? Ugh. Glenn’s definitely not dead.

Daryl was a true idiot this entire episode… and I really don’t understand why. He of all people shouldn’t have made the mistakes he made, no matter what else was going on. For him to be so dumb about Honey and Tina and then not being smart enough to take the gun back from Dwight, it’s all so stupid.

So I can’t say Daryl is losing a step but he definitely has his guard down. While I don’t blame Aaron or Alexandria specifically, he would’ve never made these mistakes prior to getting off the road. I’ll chalk his decisions up to it being a confusing day with the quarry, hearing the gunshots from Rick’s radio, the surprise attack, and the injury. Even the most seasoned TWD vet could get sloppy after that. And you forget that this has all taken place in one day so far. We haven’t seen night in real time for a while.

As for Dwight, Tina, and Honey, like I said in the last column, these are just more characters I don’t care about. They introduce Tina, who is a diabetic, a first for TWD, and then they kill her. The most interesting character they choose the kill and I find that annoyingly lazy. I understand that the cast is so big but I feel like her story could have been told better just because the diabetes makes her different from everyone else on the show.

Dwight is a placeholder for a bigger threat, since he kept insisting that they would not be going back to where they came from. Whoever attacked Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham (I’m calling them DSA from here on out) on the road must be from that place he was referring to. And I’m guessing Tina and Sherry (Honey must be a nickname) must “belong” to that place as well since Wade demanded Dwight return them. And how about that line Wade said before he left about “He only wants ass that’s willing”? Dwight is definitely what one would call, small potatoes in the bigger picture. So I don’t care about him either.

And Honey/Sherry is just along for the ride so I don’t care about her either. All these characters getting introduced just so they can be cannon (or walker) fodder is getting annoying to me.

And there are plenty of honorable people left in the world but would you want Daryl to run into friendly people who offered him steak from the cow they just found and butchered? That doesn’t make for good television. But it could make for an interesting single episode, for someone from the group or town to meet a good person. It would be a nice palette cleanser before something bad happens to everyone again.

I kind of agree with how quickly Sasha is okay with everything. While opening up to Maggie or anyone else who would listen might make her feel better, she seems rather stable considering we’re just a few days from when she almost killed Father Gabriel (who also seems to be doing better?). I think Sasha is really trying to prove herself to the group again after how she had been acting, so she’s been taking this whole “lead the walkers away” mission and now sidetracking very seriously.

As for Abraham, he’s been losing it since he found out that his mission wasn’t real from Eugene, just a little bit at a time. I think having to watch Reg and Pete both die needlessly in quick fashion really pushed him to the edge. He’s also been drinking more and that can’t be a good move when you’re the minority to walkers 24/7.

The ordeal with the walker for the RPG must have shaken some cobwebs loose because he seems to have himself together better by episodes end (and looking quite dapper in that uniform).Considering DSA are still on the road back to Alexandria, how well he’s doing now will remain to be seen.

Compared to “Now” we have a lot of meaningful plot progression between DSA I think. I also loved how easily Daryl tracked down Sasha and Abraham once Dwight and Honey stranded him. A much needed nod to how great a character Daryl is when he has his wits about him, which again, I don’t think he did for most of this episode. I’m also guessing that Patty that Dwight was mentioning was the walker Daryl dispatched in the cab of that truck.

I couldn’t help but notice that you seemingly skipped over one of the most interesting points in the episode, where Abraham mentions he’d like to get to know Sasha better. I think they’re both realizing they have more in common than they expected. I really think Rosita either catches them kissing or Abraham outright cheating on her. And I know you love Rosita; I do too. But the seeds are there! They can’t go out of their way to mention this and not follow up on it at some point.

And sadly, I agree that this season feels like one big sendoff for Big Red, which is really unfortunate for such a good character. With the lack of interesting good characters lately, I don’t know if he’ll be easily replaced when his time comes. But Daryl is Daryl and they seem to want to keep Sasha around for a little while longer (unless they want to outrage more black fans) so out of these 3, he would be the most likely not to see Season 7.

TC: First off, “Honey”, or Sherry, I got it from doing some reading, they placed her name as Honey. I don’t remember names well and usually I have to look back through episodes. Come on man, you know how I am. Your name is Kelen right?

Jokes aside, I did skip aside the whole Abraham wanting to get to know Sasha better. Really not sure how I’m feeling about it.

Don’t get me wrong, this is the end of the world so to speak. Find love and be fruitful if you can no judgment. I guess just wanted to see your take. My take, I’m up in the air. I hate being flaky about it but come on, I just said I think they are getting ready to axe Big Red. The ONLY ginger left in TWD world.

Again, jokes aside, I guess I’m just feeling like they are going too fast, not giving the character development. You are probably going to disagree and that is cool, why we get along so well. Come on though man. He and Rosita are plowing the fields so to speak. They made that clear.

Then, all of a sudden, there is a distance. They don’t talk, they don’t have ANY moments. Really? She doesn’t talk to him, he doesn’t talk to her. It is like they are just sudden strangers. Then sort of crazy Sasha comes along and draws his interest?

Rosita goes from being the implicit center of his world to total outsider? Viewing this from outside, we aren’t supposed to notice the change?

Maybe I’m being too harsh on the writers. They do seem to be acting like some plonkers lately with “Now” and then this interesting mix. Do you like that? I’ve been watching some British actors and wanted to use that word.

Are Sasha and Abraham going to get together? Is Rosita going to find out? Are the writers pulling us into an actual soap opera in the middle of what is already a very stirring drama/action in my opinion? I don’t know. Maybe it is the buildup, maybe it is the timing, maybe it is a fact I think Abraham is on his final go around, but I’m not sure I like it.

On to more important things right. Daryl, the dim-witted and sweet soul. Actually his saving grace, besides helping total strangers, was finding them at the end. This is the Daryl that we all know and love. Come on, he has just gone through some serious stuff. He has lost everything. He still has it in him to do what he is known for, which is tracking and finding.

Sorry for the dim-witted crack. Come on though, at best we can just say he was sweetly naive. Never trust a woman in TWD we all should know that by now. Actually, could put that down as personal note for everyday life… never mind, you know what I mean.

Overall, I’m still struggling with this episode. What the hell was it about? Don’t get me wrong, we know the basics. However, there is always more to the story then what is shown.

Is it about Abraham and Sasha? Perhaps this is about them bonding, both after being traumatized for so long? I don’t know, but it is a possible guess.

Is this about Daryl? Is he going to be struggling with trusting new people? Or perhaps this is the start of him trying to gain some revenge on Dwight and Honey? That would actually be really interesting in my view. I doubt they go this route, but I can hope. Daryl telling them they will be sorry when they apologized, as they took his bike and cross bow, was pure bad ass. Hopefully this will be something to be revisited.

Whatever happens, this episode still feels like filler. However, like a lot of TWD filler episodes, it is just used as a foundation. My hope is that they use this to build and propel the season forward.

At this point, I feel I should say a fond farewell to one of these characters. My guess is that Abraham, aka Big Red is the one to go before the season finale. However Sasha is still up in the mix. I doubt they do axe Daryl, that would just be crazy talk. Though if they really wanted to make a splash, that would be interesting.

I’m going to throw it back to you. What do you think? Am I way off base, or am I saying what a lot of people are thinking or trying to put together?

KC: I think you don’t like this episode because you’re more worried about Abraham’s fate than anything else. You’ve been bonded with Abraham’s character from the start; you relate well to the guy. To think of one of your favorite shows not having your favorite character anymore is rough and I know. I’m still not over CM Punk leaving WWE and in TWD’s case: Merle. Hershel. Dale. I loved all those characters. But the show must go on, well, it must go on for as long as I’m choosing to continue watching it.

Another reason you may be having trouble is because Abraham didn’t do anything other than wrestle with a walker for a few antagonizing seconds. He fired on whoever that was that attacked him in the first place but that was it. It also stinks to watch a character you like get screen time and then nothing happen for him.

If they can’t kill Glenn (he’s not dead), they’re not killing Daryl unless Norman Reedus decides he’s done with the show. Then and only then, will they kill Daryl and they still might leave his fate a mystery by not showing our hero actually dying. Maybe they’ll leave him assumed dead, in case he decides to come back later in the series.

Sasha will eventually have her day but I’m still not sure as to when that will happen. Has she outlived her usefulness yet? She’s the best marksman in the group, so she has that going for her but what more is there to tell about her? Do we really want to see her ruin Abraham and Rosita’s relationship (I kind of do, I can’t lie)?

This episode is about Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. It’s showing that Daryl is still fallible, that the very reasons why Aaron asked him to recruit is the very reason we see him getting into tough spots multiple times this episode. It’s about Sasha, who’s only a few days from the brink herself, trying to help her friend Abraham back from his own self-imposed brink and maybe possibly learning to trust people that aren’t named Rick, Maggie, or Daryl. And it’s about Abraham, who’s turned to drinking (and we see how well that served Bob), trying to make sense out of his TWD life after the “mission to DC” was a bunch of hooey made up by Eugene because he couldn’t protect himself.

“Now” was mostly about a bunch of characters that we didn’t care about and what they were doing; “Always Accountable” updates us on three core characters of the group. We need to know what’s going with DSA. They had an important role in Rick’s plan to clear the quarry and they didn’t make it back safe and sound; this episode is anything but filler to me.

Plonkers is an amazing word by the way. I’m sad you’re not incorporating it into regular usage. Maybe I’ll try it out sometime.

I don’t know, I don’t think Sasha and Abraham will hook up. I think they will try but there’s a zombie apocalypse no one is safe from going on, so there’s always that mood killer. Abraham is with Rosita but when’s the last time they even remotely showed them having interaction? Big Red has been loner since they got to Alexandria and the revelation of the fake mission plus having to readjust to “civilian” life has to have taken a toll. So just like us men are apt to do, he’s shutting out those close to him.

I don’t think they will have Sasha and Abraham hook up unless they are definitely ready to kill Sasha. One thing I always hated about Lori was how she was carrying on with Shane while Rick was in a coma/on his way to Atlanta. The comics book made it seem like it was a one time, “the world’s ending, let’s do this” kind of deal; the show had her face down in the woods. That’s not an isolated mistake. By making Sasha suddenly be the other woman, it might turn the tide with fans enough to where we wouldn’t be as upset if she died. The show could still give her an honorable and/or heroic end if they want, but they’d have less backlash from it this way.

On the flipside of the coin, I don’t think anyone changes their opinion on Abraham even if he cheated on Rosita. Double standards will never truly die, so the outcry over his death wouldn’t be eased by the show taking this route.

And your complaints about Rosita are valid but they’re not new. They rarely use her and I think that’s unfortunate. Maybe they are setting her up to replace a major female character who may die and if so, her lack of usage makes sense. But otherwise, Christian Serratos has one of the best gigs on TV. But throughout this column since her debut, we have constantly made reference to the fact that she gets to do nothing.

Finally, two things. One, Abraham is the only remaining redhead that we know about.

Two, I only picked up on Sherry from reading The Walking Dead Wikia and I was just trying to clarify who was who for our readers. No need to go plonkers and get defensive about it. I would be lost writing about the show if it wasn’t for that great site. And I said Honey must be a nickname, not, you’re wrong Thomas, her name is Sherry!

I’ll get back to you about whether my name is Kelen or not though…

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