Talking Out The Dead: “Forget”

Thomas: I guess I should get the ball rolling by saying damn.  Carol is scary when she wants to be.  What I’m wondering is how serious was she?  I mean I know she was trying to scare the kid.  Still, she seemed like she didn’t have a problem with anything she said.

We’ve seen Carol have to do some horrifying things.  However, it was always with the interest of the group in mind.  It also tended to be something that she had intense emotional reactions too.  The threatening of the young boy who followed her?  She was just ice cold.  Like I said, scary and DAMN.

I’m wondering if we needed the symbolic hanging up of the sword?  I mean Michonne has been all about a safe haven since the start of this half of the season.  She openly disagreed with Rick about going to Alexandria.  In fact, she flat out said they were going.  She seems to have slid into the role of a “constable”.  It is obvious she is taken with Alexandria.  I get the hanging up of the sword is supposed to be important.  Honestly, I think it was bit of a waste of minutes though.  Maybe I’m wrong, but it didn’t hit me that hard.

Daryl has got a little buddy.  He also apparently enjoys spaghetti and drinking wine with dinner.  Who knew?  There was a little more than blatant symbolism in the scenes with him and Aaron trying to catch the wild horse.  It didn’t want to be tamed.  It got caught by a pack of walkers that it couldn’t run from or fight.  Then it got torn apart.

I would like to say that I didn’t like that scene.  I’m not an animal lover by any means.  However, I don’t like seeing animals in situations of pain either.  I know that the horse never got hurt in the scene.  It was still pretty painful to watch.

If the horse had allowed the people of Alexandria to tame it, it would still be alive.  Right?  I’m using my powers of perception and reading between the lines on this one.  Daryl is seeing himself in this horse.  He is wild and untamed.  He isn’t comfortable in settling down in Alexandria.  In fact, he feels more comfortable being out in the wild on his own.  That is obvious for any person who has watched any episode with him in it in the entire series.

However, if he doesn’t go into Alexandria, what will be his future?  He sees the only future that happens to something that won’t be tamed and stay safe.  Again, I’m reading between the lines here.

This might seem a little sarcastic.  It is meant to be.  These scenes seemed too contrived.  It was obvious what the writers wanted the viewers to see and think.  Maybe I’m just complaining.  I always did like it when the scenes left you wondering what was really going on.  I guess I don’t like getting force fed meanings in a story.  It could also be that I’m just a whiner.  I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

I think its pretty safe to say that Daryl has made up his mind.  The fact that he didn’t want to take the gun that Carol got was a hint.  He took it, but seemed against the idea of being ready to take over Alexandria.  I think he likes being known as the lone wolf.  However, he also likes being an important member of a group.  He got a taste of it in the prison.  He wasn’t completely comfortable with being a person of respect.  However, his episode with Beth showed how much he missed the prison and what he lost.

One thing about the ending and the town of Alexandria in general.  Where are the walkers?  In every safe haven there have been shown a lot of walkers.  The prison, Grady, even Terminus to an extent when Carol went Rambo.  Around Alexandria there has only been a handful.

In the final scene, Rick is up against the wall.  Anyone notice there was only one walker on the outside of the wall?  Where is the herd?  There isn’t even enough walkers around Alexandria to call it a pack.  I’m wondering if this is going to be explained or not.  Most likely it will not.  The best guess I can come up with is the show is leaning even more away from walkers at this point to focus on the characters.  I’m not sure if this is the case.  It makes sense but something that we will have to find out.

Kelen: The lack of walkers is weird. I know Aiden mentioned that they have been out as far as 50 miles (I’m guessing all sides of Alexandria) so maybe the further out, the more walkers they encounter? That seems feasible, especially considering how slow they move, and the lack of noise that gets out of Alexandria. I think the person it bothered the most was Sasha though. She was begging some walkers to show up so she could take out some aggression but with no luck.

In fact, the whole idea of Alexandria and dinner parties seems to have weirded Sasha out. She’s candidate number 1 for being “out there too long” as Glenn put it. She wants to hangout in the watch tower all hours of the day. She’s shooting pictures of people she doesn’t know. She’s freaking out and scaring all the nice folks who are throwing her and the rest of the group a welcoming party. They’re setting her up for failure so hard in the near future.

Daryl and Aaron. I’ll tell you man, Aaron is quickly becoming one of my favorite new characters, even if he was really following Daryl instead of hunting. He handles himself way better than Aiden and Nicholas, he identified a job for Daryl that he actually seems excited to take, he makes delicious spaghetti, I mean seriously, what’s not to love here?

I think you’re spot on about the comparisons between Daryl and Buttons. Both just wanted to be free and wild but in the end, Buttons was cornered and devoured. I think this made Daryl realize that he could have the freedom he wanted by taking the recruiter job, but also have the shelter of Alexandria. If only Buttons had realized the same thing before it was too late. I think it was needed to see one of the group actually show some optimism towards Alexandria without going all in like Michonne seems to be.

I also worry that they may take the Buttons comparison the entire way and kill Daryl at season’s end, especially since more of the cast and crew have hinted at a major death being around the corner. And they really can’t keep this show running without picking off someone major. As much as we say certain characters are unkillable… it can’t be true all the time.

I believe the main reason Michonne hung her sword on the wall was because it was a callback to a scene from the comics, but it means the same thing. She’s trying to embrace her new life in Alexandria and forget about everything she’s been through. Even though we both hate how pro-Alexandria she’s become, I think it will come back to bite her in the end (and I don’t mean from a walker). Again, this leaves the door open for Alexandria to not work out for her and/or the group and for her to leave for a while. I think they really need to explore that avenue soon.

Carol was frighteningly good when talking to Sam. Considering how hard she’s worked to cultivate her den mother image to the rest of Alexandria, Sam blabbing about her stealing a bunch of pistols wouldn’t benefit anyone. At first, I thought she was being a bit harsh but as my friend Erick said, Sam was also sticking his nose in grown folks business, good intentioned on not. So I guess he got what he deserved. And Carol didn’t kill him? I’d say he got off easy.

And I still don’t know what to make of Rick. He kisses Jessie awkwardly, he thinks about pulling his secret gun out on Pete, he wants a gun/he doesn’t want a gun, etc. I think at best, he’s torn on the new situation. Does he carry himself like the shoot first, ask no questions guy he’s been since the fall of the prison (or even since he took down Joe and the Claimers)? Does he try to be the fair cop who we knew for the first two seasons of the show? He doesn’t know and that just makes his adjustments to Alexandria that much more difficult. So I’m back on the “Rick’s not losing it” side of the fence until he decides what his new role in Alexandria will be.

Thomas: Nothing is ever simple.  Even in a place where it seems they are safe, there are problems.  First, I’m not sure if they are going to  kill Daryl off.  It would be a huge turn of events.  I still think the writers are not ready for the backlash of that one though.

That being said what about Michonne?  We know she is trying to start over in Alexandria.  You pointed out that it may come back to haunt her.  Perhaps she will be the crazy end of the season kill?  It would also surprise me as she has a huge fan following.  However, there have been rumors of a big kill this season.  If I had to pick?  I would just flip a coin because I’d rather not see either of them go.

Sasha definitely flipped out but I think it is her period to readjust.  It seems like a long time in real time.  However, she has just lost the man she loves and her brother in a matter of weeks.  Suddenly she is bombarded with all these happy people.

I think part of it is that she thinks they are trying to live in a fantasy and her yelling at the party was a dead giveaway there.  I didn’t use any powers of insight on that one.

I also think she may be suffering a little post traumatic stress.  She has been on edge since Terminus.  Mix that in with what happened to Bob and Tyreese.  I can’t blame her for being a little out of it.  She went from trying to survive with no hope to people who are talking to her about clothes and having a party.  I think she may be taking it more realistically than the rest.

I’m not going to say it is a healthy reaction.  However, I do think it is understandable.  The stress and loss hasn’t shattered her I think.  I just think it is going to take some time to deal.  Of course, I could be totally wrong about this.  She may not make it to the end of the season.

Was it just me or was there some tension between Rick and Deanna’s husband?  Actually it wasn’t tension per se.  It was more like Deanna saying what her husband did was just as impressive as what Rick accomplished.  I’m not sure but it seemed to be a sort of polite “pissing match.”  It could be nothing, but just seemed a little weird.

I’m with you on Rick.  I think at this point he is just trying to figure out his place.  It has sort of been the recurring theme with him.  He has always had to change and adapt to whatever TWD world has thrown at him.  He hasn’t always done it gracefully or made the right choices.  Yet it seems that the place is getting to him a little.

One thing that makes me wonder is the scene of him against the wall at the end.  He heard the walker I assume.  Is he feeling safe?  Is he feeling like maybe there is hope for the future?  It was one of those scenes that made me scratch my head.  I think it is something that only the rest of the season will reveal.

What I’m waiting for is seeing how the rest of the group is going to fit in.  It is obvious there are going to be problems.  The question is will the group be a part of Alexandria?  Or will they go the route of the secret council and take it over?  We both noticed the obvious tension.  Truthfully, this is just one of those things we are going to have to wait and see how it plays out.

Kelen: At this point, I don’t think there will peace. Alexandria will fall like the prison but there is definitely some conflict that needs to be addressed. It’ll be interesting to see if the whole group is together when the time comes or if there are some that will take Alexandria’s side. And if that happens, will the “traitors” get to live? Will they be exiled? Will they be forced to go without Carol’s cookies?!

The walker at the fence was puzzling for me as well. If I have to break it down, they were getting at the idea that Rick and the walker are one and the same. The walker wanders aimlessly, until it finds a living being, then it wants to devour it. Rick is wandering “aimlessly” in Alexandria, torn between settling into the role of town constable when all his instincts have been set to “devour” anything in the path of his and the group’s safety. I don’t know.

Deanna definitely felt the need to point out how valuable her husband was to Rick. Which is really weird considering she had been so welcoming of the group up to then. She made Rick and Michonne constables. But the moment she felt like Rick was getting a little credit, she starts playing the “well, my husband did this” card. I think we’ll see more of this in the future too; I’m starting to wonder if she’s been putting on a front about how glad she is to have Rick and the Daryls in Alexandria now.

PTSD is exactly what Sasha has and I think Maggie was beginning to recognize that before Aaron interrupted her and Sasha’s sunrise watching session (horrible timing too, I bet there are a few sites out there that may have more details on what would’ve happened if Aaron hadn’t showed, but look that up on your own time perverts!). She’s pretty much alone now as she’s alienated the rest of the group on the road and Maggie is busy with whatever job Deanna gave her. What she really needs is a friend, whether she realizes that before something bad happens remains to be seen.

I’m with you, I’d rather not lose Daryl or Michonne. But we know that somebody is going to die at season’s end who’s not one of the lesser members of the group. Norman Reedus is quoted as saying, “Bring your Kleenex and you’ll be screaming at your television.” Would Norman spoil his own character’s death? From the stories I’ve read about him, absolutely. He’s been on the show since season 1, we know he loves doing the show, he’s made tons of money, and got a role that he will be known for the rest of his life. What if he’s ready for something different (I hate to stop talking about the actual show and get into the actors but you almost have to here)? What if he wants to some time off? All those factors could lead to Daryl biting it (heh, no pun intended).

Now watch he and Danai Gurira be guests on Talking Dead with Kirkman following the season finale.

Michonne would be a big deal and they’d have to have her go out like the G that Michonne has been the entire series. I’d also say that killing Michonne would be taking the easy way out. I really feel like they’ve told all the Michonne stories that can be told and with Jessie’s arrival, I don’t think Richonne will be happening (I feel like I’ve said this before). Carl and the rest of the group would mourn of course, but it doesn’t really change anything.

On the other hand, what does Daryl dying change either? What stories of Daryl’s are still left untold? My head is starting to hurt. Maybe it should be Rick just to really shake up the status quo. But who would be the leader then? Carol? Will she teach the whole group her cookie recipe?!

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