Talking Out The Dead: “Spend”

Kelen: Oh my goodness. I might as well get to Noah, considering how I’ve been so anti-Noah since he was first introduced. He didn’t deserve to die like that. He didn’t. While the fact that the show hadn’t focused on him since Shirewilt and the tongue lashing Sasha gave him helped lessen my hate, it wasn’t totally gone. But not like this. Maybe he gets bitten, the group realizes too late, and then a quick mercy kill. Maybe some friendly fire takes him out when he’s on a run. Maybe he chokes on one of Carol’s cookies. Maybe he gets the flu and dies. But not like this.

Nicholas murdered Noah. And fair warning, here comes some colorful language. The big secret about Alexandria is that they are all a bunch of pussies. Aiden admitted to leaving behind his friends who got killed on that run when he had previously said they died because they didn’t listen. Nicholas bailed on Glenn and Noah once, when they were trying to pull Aiden off the forklift that had impaled him. I wonder if it had been Rick or Carol that had been trapped in that revolving door, would they have given Nicholas a chance to squeeze free or just fed him to the walkers? I wonder if Glenn’s faith in humanity is the reason Noah got eaten in front of his eyes? I know they weren’t trying to get stuck in the door with Nicholas but if he had taken a second, Nicholas would of been trapped and maybe he and Noah could have escaped. It’ll be interesting to see how Glenn deals with Noah’s blood on his hands like this.

Speaking of pussies, how about Tobin ready to turn tail and run after the herd showed up on their construction site? Thank goodness for our man Abraham (I take back all the negative things I said about him after this episode), who took charge, saved the girl (Francine, who I’ve immediately taken a fancy to), and got the crew back to work. Oh, and he mowed down almost the whole herd. At least Tobin had the common sense to tell Deanna that Abraham needed to be in charge instead of him from now on. More on Deanna in a bit.

Carol continued to show Sam the cold shoulder (who continues his quest for cookies over preservation of his life, but I digress) but it makes way more sense when he’s being a pest instead of a potential snitch. After Sophia, Lizzie, and Mika, why in the hell would Carol want to get attached to another kid? And despite her threats and nasty comments, Sam is right back for more… until he says he needs a gun for protection. But here’s the thing: Carol assumes Pete is the threat to Sam and Jessie… what if Jessie is the abusive one? Sounds like a TWD twist right?

Deanna went from somebody I trusted to someone I loathe real quick. She was all for Rick and the Daryls coming in just 2 episodes ago, now she doesn’t like that the new people are taking leadership roles so quick? Does she know that her son (good riddance Aiden) and the rest of Alexandria are a bunch of cowards? Is that why they recruited the group? Or did they really think “oh, this group has been through some shit, let’s help them out”? She didn’t like what Tobin had to say about Abraham and Gabriel’s bitch ass didn’t help her opinion. And when she finds out Aiden is dead? Oh man. And no body was recovered? Oh man.

Gabriel is an ungrateful, cowardly piece of shit. He wouldn’t help people begging to get into St. Sarah’s, he wouldn’t help himself by killing walkers, and now he’s not helping himself by betraying the group. Yeah, yeah, Rick and the Daryls killed the Terminites in cold blood, walk in his shoes, bah I say! Those arguments hold up before he leaves the church, before he sees Beth’s lifeless body, before he said the blessing at Tyreese’s funeral! I don’t care if his faith has led him down the wrong path and his actions are possibly possession fueled, his death can’t come fast enough.

I’m so proud of Eugene for everything he did in this episode. I really hope that Tara makes it, just to give his actions that much more weight. For someone who got found out as a liar, he’s started holding his own in the most Eugene way ever. In order for Tara to live though, wouldn’t that mean Pete would have to save her? Which means Rick and/or Carol can’t kill him yet?

Daryl’s new bike is bad ass. That is all I have to say about that.

Last column I said that I was back on the Rick’s not crazy side of the fence and I’m still firmly planted there. As a former victim, are Carol’s instincts on Pete correct or is the Jessie swerve I mentioned what’s coming? Or is Sam another kid who likes to play with walkers and that’s why he wants a gun (a stretch I know)? In Pete’s three appearances thus far, he’s “welcomed” Rick, was very cordial at the dinner party, and now he’s getting day drunk (which is weird for the resident doctor in town). Will he do something redeeming next episode? I’m loving that we get to watch all of Alexandria’s layers get pulled back.

So all hell will be breaking loose shortly. The group lost one of their own due to the actions of one of Alexandria’s chicken shit residents. Deanna doesn’t like that all these strong strangers are taking up leadership positions in her sanctuary that she invited them to join. Gabriel is spreading gossip like a schoolgirl (it’ll be fun to see what Maggie does. Here’s hoping she confronts him herself and breaks his nose before telling Rick what he’s done). Tara’s life is hanging in the balance. Carol thinks Pete needs to die (and so does Rick but not for the same reasons).

But really, I hope we get to find out if Sam learned Carol’s cookie recipe. Great episode.

Thomas: This episode was pretty awesome.  It is amazing how the show can have one or two episodes that are sort of slow, then all at once a dozen things happen.  A lot of people give it shit about being boring.  I like to think of it as a slow build of a story.

First things first.  I guess I was wrong about Aiden leading Glenn to his death.  It was kind of ironic that Glenn was the one trying to save Aiden before and after the explosion.  It was also pretty messed up that Glenn was trying to save them all and ended up losing Noah for Nicholas.

I know you haven ‘t liked Noah but wow.  I thought Aiden getting ripped to shreds was brutal.  Noah literally had his face ripped off.  I’m actually surprised because I can’t remember such gruesome deaths in the show before.  There may have been some scenes I am forgetting.  There has definitely been a lot of blood and gore.  However this felt like they took it to an extra level.  Nothing like a couple episodes with very few walkers to lull into forgetting how dangerous they can be in groups.

I know it is screwed up, but in the end I kind of felt like Noah was part of the family.  Nicholas freaked out which caused Noah to get grabbed.  Noah remained sort of composed.  Was it me or did he let Glenn let go of him?  It was almost like he sacrificed himself so Glenn could live.  I’m sure there are going to be some serious issues with Glenn and what he witnessed.

I also wonder what the story will be when Glenn and the crew get back to Alexandria.  Glenn and Eugene will be busy trying to get help for Tara.  What story will Nicholas concoct when he is the first to talk to Deanna.  I have a feeling that Glenn and the rest of the crew are going to get the blame for Aiden’s death.

Aiden’s death, Maggie assuring Deanna Abraham can lead, and Gabriel’s talk is going to have a huge impact for the end of the season.  I can see the fire being lit.  It is about to blow up into something crazy and I’m thinking there is going to be some bloodshed.

As for Gabriel.  Do the words massive hypocrite on a galaxy sized scale sum up this piece of garbage?  I was sympathetic in the beginning.  He didn’t know them, he saw them do horrible things, okay.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  However, the statement that they weren’t good people and they didn’t deserve the place was shocking.

He seemed to quickly forget, as you said, that he left his members of his church out to die while he stayed locked in the church.  He also quickly forgot the leftovers from the Terminus picnic.  Not only that, he seemed to forget the irony of Michonne and Carl opening the church doors and endangering themselves to save his worthless hide.

What has he done that’s so great?  Well he gave a eulogy.  He has walked with the group.  He also failed to give Maggie or Sasha any comfort during their loss.  So he is a big failure as a man of the cloth.  He is good at trying to frame himself as a good holy man… and the rest of the group as evil.  All in all, I’m sort of wishing Noah’s demise on him at this point.

I am going to say that in a way I think you are right about the group of Alexandria.  Aiden and Nicholas played tough.  However, it was almost like what was going on in the world isn’t real.  The life inside Alexandria was real to them.  The warm food, hot water, comfortable beds and parties were reality.  They took the group out almost like it was a weekend adventure for fun.  To Rick and the group, it is not a weekend adventure.  It is life and death.  That is the most glaring difference.

I am going back to when Aaron met up with the group.  Remember when he was stuck in the car and it wouldn’t start with Rick and Glenn?  He was freaking out.  He was saying this had gone too far, something along the lines that this was over.  It was like he even didn’t believe this was happening.

When Sasha freaked at the party.  I think she was seeing it as a lie that the people were telling themselves.  The people of Alexandria have convinced themselves that life isn’t as bad because they have the walls.  They still saw life as having to do with parties and socializing and working every day.  The group, from day one, has been about survival.

I’m even going to go back to Rick up against the wall with the walker on the other side.  Perhaps that was a view of Alexandria.  The people on the inside didn’t see the daily death and struggle on the outside.  It wasn’t real to them.  Rick and the group have lived through it.  That is the reality of the time they are living.  It is sort of the difference between watching a war on the news and being in an actual fire fight.  It is something that one group can’t see the same way as another.  To sum up, you are right, the people of Alexandria are pussies.

Moving on to a final thought.  The thing with Carol and Sam, Jessie and Pete, there has to be more to the story.  I know if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.  However, Carol has some serious scars that color everything she sees in other people’s relationships.  I don’t think it is simple as Pete is abusing Jessie and Sam.  It could be.  I’m not ruling it out.  However, I think that there is more than what is being said.

Carol is jumping to conclusions and dragging Rick into it.  The question is will Rick investigate?  Will Rick take Carol’s word and just go straight to action?  Is this the final piece that is going to set off the explosion in Alexandria?  These are some of the main thoughts I have about this whole sub plot in the story.

We have to remember, there seems to be some attraction between Jessie and Rick.  It may not be a huge romantic attraction, but there is one.  At the very least, Rick would want to protect Jessie if she is in trouble.  At the same time, this could color his emotions and drive his actions.

The way Sam acts in general leads me to believe there are some issues.  The way Pete acts definitely leads me to think something fishy is going on.  However, I see this as being something that could blow up.  Is this a TWD twist?  I have to agree with you that this very well could be.

Kelen: At this point, I feel like Aziz Ansari. What’s gonna happen? What’s gonna happen? What’s gonna happen? I would almost be disappointed if there isn’t a swerve involved with Rick/Carol/Jessie/Pete/Sam. I feel like the Rick from the road would be barging straight over to Jessie and Pete’s and putting his gun in Pete’s mouth. I feel like constable Rick wants to bring Pete in for questioning, doing a little investigating. I feel like Rick the animal that wants Jessie for himself wants to kill Pete and then take Jessie while he’s still covered in her husband’s blood. SO MANY DIFFERENT EMOTIONS FOR HIM. I expect him to take the high road though, much to Carol’s dismay.

I’m betting it’s Carol that goes after Pete jut due to Rick taking his time in deciding what do. I would love to see her kidnap and torture him outside of Alexandria’s walls before finishing the job. It would be a small measure of revenge against Ed for all the years he abused her. But then, how does she come back into Alexandria? I’m betting she doesn’t and if Carol does kill Pete, I don’t think she makes it out of that same episode alive.

But here’s hoping it’s not as cut and dry as Pete being the typical abusive spouse/father.

Great observations about Alexandria. It makes perfect sense why Aaron freaked out in the car. While he’s dealt with walkers before, the car may have been one of the first times that shit got too real for him. Alexandria isn’t built out of great warriors or even people who have seen some shit like the group. Didn’t Deanna say that Alexandria was built before the outbreak? Which just means that anyone who’s there was brought in before things got too real outside the walls.

I’m actually kind of glad that this is the big reveal of what’s wrong with Alexandria, mostly because it can be fixed if they accept the group’s help. The way that Deanna acted in this episode though, there seems to be a lot of doubt that she’s dealing with as the group integrate themselves more into Alexandria’s chain of command each day. With Aiden dead, the tension is only going to grow and I’ll bet that Nicholas says that Glenn killed Aiden because of what happened the other day. That seems like the perfect cowardly route.

It still blows my mind that people who act like they do in Alexandria still exist at this point. Walls or not.

I would’ve been okay to lose Gabriel rather than Noah as well too, but they needed him to put more doubts in Deanna’s head. I want to see what his game is here, whether it stops at getting Rick and the Daryls out or if he’s slowly descending into madness. What kind of priest doesn’t have any kind of guilt? I know he mentioned it when he was first introduced but he’s casting a stone to leave the group out of Alexandria so they have to fend for themselves on the road again. I’m a little surprised that he didn’t suggest killing them as well.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll bite it this upcoming episode. And if he makes it to season 6 unharmed, I’ll be royally pissed.

I have to agree with you that Aiden and Noah had the most gruesome death scenes on the show. T-Dog’s was pretty bad but it was nothing compared to them. And they totally did it that way to remind everyone that walkers are still dangerous. They almost had to after we watched the group manage to push walkers off a bridge in order to save their strength and ammo. It’s a nice contrast from watching Aiden and Nicholas and Tobin do cowardly bad things that’s not best for the group’s business versus the ongoing struggle that everyone faces of trying to stay one step ahead of walkers.

And I admit, despite the fact that I loathed him, Noah did fit the group dynamic quite well. He deserved better. I don’t think he let go more than he gave Glenn permission to let go. Once Nicholas slid out the door, he knew he was a goner. If he tried to give Glenn time to pull him back in the door, he still gets bitten on the lower half of his body and Glenn gets overrun by walkers too. He did the noble thing by trying to leave Glenn with some inspirational words and then faced his fate. A damn shame. The more I think about it, the less I think Glenn will deal with any aftermath from Noah’s death, at least not now. I don’t think there’s room for it in the last two episodes of the season.

Final stab in the dark, Pete’s the surgeon and he’s drunk. Tara will need immediate medical attention and won’t get it. So we’re going to be losing Tara very early next episode. Which means another TWD crush of mine goes down. And honestly, I have crushes on all the women from the group now, so if I curl up into the fetal position after one dies from now on, do not fear! I’ll be okay.

Kill Watch

Thomas: I have a certain feeling that you are right about Tara.  The thing between Carol and Pete and Sam is just too much of a coincidence.  Rick could do something quickly to Pete.  However the way things are looking, I’m thinking it is going to be Carol.

You might be on point about her dragging Pete outside the walls and torturing him.  We know that Carol is capable of a lot of things anymore.  Truthfully, I think she might be the only one that is truly capable of anything in TWD world.  Is this a good thing?  I’d say for the overall group’s survival that would be a resounding yes.  However, anyone that gets in her way or becomes a liability for said survival, that would be a no.

I also think that while Tara may get stabilized, for some reason she is a goner.  I hate it at times too.  They introduce characters.  They show a little back story.  They make you interested in who and what they are.  Then the characters become wall flowers for half a season.  The character comes back for half an episode and boom.

That being said, the show is going into its sixth season.  I have this feeling the last two episodes are going to be about thinning the cast.  I am seeing one more death of a minor character.  That might be Tara.  I am also seeing a major death.  You mentioned a surprise by people who work on the show.  I think you might be on track when you said it could be Carol.

Carol wouldn’t be a major death in my mind.  However, I think the show might try to pass it off as one.  She has been on the show since the beginning pretty much.  The truth is she has had some awesome moments.  She has also spent entire episodes doing nothing more than sitting or standing in the background.  I say when it comes to major characters, I only see a few that I’ve already mentioned in past articles.  Again, have to agree, I think you are right and this might be the major death we’ve heard rumors of.  That being said, maybe it is a swerve and we are both wrong.  Again, why do I still enjoy this show?

What about the residents of Alexandria?  I think there is going to be bloodshed.  The fact is that we have only met a few characters at this time.  At this point, I’m wondering if Deanna or her husband are going to make it out of this season alive.  She is obviously having second thoughts about letting the group in.  I think that the death of Aiden will push her into doing something that is going to spark a battle within the walls itself.

I’m guessing that either Pete or Deanna will be on the chopping block.  The fact is that no one else has really been introduced in Alexandria.  We know there is Tobin, but he just works construction.  Nicholas could be a candidate, however I see him making it until next season.  The fact is that cowards tend to live a lot longer than they should in series like these.

In my mind, these are the only two that will work.  I also see this being a big deal that will probably leave us hanging at the end.  I don’t know if Alexandria will be facing an outside threat as well as an internal struggle.  I think this is how this season is going to end.  I could be wrong of course.  However this is just the feeling that the show has been giving off for the last half of the season.

I guess we are just going to have to wait and see.  The best part about this show has been how many times I’ve been wrong when I do the predictions thing.  It is fun, but I doubt I’ve been right more then 30%  of the time.  I will make one prediction I am sure of.  These final two episodes are going to be explosive and involve a lot of things.  This season will also definitely leave us hanging and/or scratching our heads until next season.

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