That Time Wale Stole My Song

A few weeks ago, I was reminded of this post I put on my LiveJournal years ago. Like the internet treasure hunter I am, I tracked it down.

So back in January I found this beat on Soundclick. The beat sampled Phyllis Hyman…I went into it back then. Anyway, I really took my time with this song since I was going to use it for Spideyville Unlimited and I really wanted it to be top notch. I wrote the first verse in April and then I finished it in May and I’ve been recording and mixing it trying to get it perfect. I finally get to point where I figured I would record the vocals and ad-libs one more time to get more emotion and I’d be done with it.

I get on 2DopeBoyz and I see Wale released 2 new songs through his twitter, “Hot Shit” and “Gotta Be Magic”. Guess what “Gotta Be Magic” was? The same beat I found and been working on.

Now, I can’t really be mad. I got the beat when it was up for free download and Wale’s did have a few new sounds in it. I didn’t pay for the beat and I’m sure he did. I’m just upset that what I thought would be a big song on my album has now turned into a song I’ll probably throw on Thunderstorm 2.

I did notice when I first came across this page that it said the name Best Kept Secret (who did a lot of Wale’s The Mixtape About Nothing) but I didn’t think that was really his Soundclick page.

And Chiv thinks its funny. But I don’t think he really liked my track anyway. lmao.

In other news, I just moved to a new place and got the studio set back up again. Hopefully I’ll be back at it before I know it.

Angel said I’ll come up with a better track than the one I lost. I sure hope so.

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