The Big Holdup

I announced on August 28 that I’d be dropping the first single from Soon You’ll Understand on September 2nd. This was the second time I had announced the single’s release as I had originally planned to release it April 15 but decided to push it and the album back in favor of promoting The Mind’s Mixtape volume 4.

It was Labor Day weekend; I was lazy, so I missed the September 2nd date. No big deal, I thought. I’ll just drop it a few days later when I get some free time.

Then it happened: I received a call asking me to take down the music video for “This Place”. If you do a Google search you’ll find all the links to the video broken and the video removed from YouTube. It seems someone at my former employer told a district manager about the video and they asked that it be taken down immediately.

While nothing was harmed or taken during the video’s filming, I did film it without my former employer’s permission. They had every right to ask that it be taken down. I don’t even think it had reached 100 views yet, so it hadn’t been seen by a lot of people.

So after dealing with the fallout from that for a few days, I lost a week. A week of what was supposed to have been “Bacon” promo and a week that should have gone into finishing the album. As of today, I’m still 3 songs away from feeling as if the album is completed again; I decided to scrap two tracks (that I may release soon) and to redo a track originally called “I Met A Girl Named Rumor In 1986” (a dope song to me; a boring song for others).

So I’m not sure when I’ll drop “Bacon” or SYU at this point. I’ll probably give it a while longer to make sure that my former employer is satisfied with the video being deleted. While “Place” was on vol. 4, I’d still hate for something to happen where I had to take down the mixtape and not release the album at all.

I still think I can get the album ready for October though, just not by the first.

In the meantime: the 9 year anniversary of vol. 1 is the 14th. The 8 year anniversary of The Thunderstorm Mixtape is October 27th. Listen, download, enjoy.

SYU will be here sooner than you think.

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