The Breakdown: Content Curation

So, I just watched this amazing interview with The-Dream and Rob Markman called Genius Level. In this almost hour long video, Dream details his career so far and the process that went into writing some of his biggest hits. While I’ve never been a major fan of his, there’s no denying what he can do from a songwriting perspective. This interview has made want to go back and really give some of his work a honest try because I feel like I’m missing out on something.

Now, I’ve received the content. In my former bio, I proudly called myself a content curator. I arrived at this conclusion partially because there is a mixtape called B I R D S. It came out a few years ago with some loose attachment to Childish Gambino/Donald Glover’s Royalty camp. There’s no lead artist but one thing I did notice is that the project was curated by Ibra Ake. I’ve never in my life heard of anyone curating music. While the project was short, it’s damn good.

I look at all kinds of things all day long. Videos, articles, tweets, photos, television; in this day and age, it’s impossible not to be constantly exposed to a constant stream of new things. So in my role as a content curator, I felt like it was my job to provide anyone who will listen, whether that be people I’m seeing or talking to every day, or a random follower of my social media, with the best content possible. If a certain thing isn’t for you, don’t consume it. If you’re into it, pass it along. With certain things, I feel like a share isn’t enough. So that’s why over the years, I’ve had features like The Dime Session, DOPE, My Week On Reddit, and currently Dope Reads.

The difference between The Dime Session and Dope Reads was supposed to be the quality of the link. I was taking anything remotely interesting and throwing it in a Dime Session post; that’s why there were so many. To be eligible for Dope Reads, I have to think that the writing is above average and worth the time of my readers. That’s why it takes me longer to collect links for those posts.

Which brings me back to this Genius Level video. It’s great and I want anyone who sees me sharing it to know it. I already don’t feel like a retweet and a post to my Nerd Fresh page isn’t enough. I try to not put video links into Dope Reads, so that’s out. Do I post it as a DOPE feature? That would be the normal process at this point. The video was really informative and I found it to be motivating as well. So I post it up, then I share it to Twitter and Facebook, and I’m done.

When it’s not my content, I tend to leave it there after I’ve curated it. If I think of it later, I might come back to it and reshare it at some point. But the thing that drives me nuts is not reaching the audience. I’ve heard it ad nauseum: cater to your audience. I think I’ve been doing that for years now. But how can I cater to an audience when I lack the desire and the motivation?

In Episode #35 of Hyphen Nation, I’m going to go into detail about some of the things that’s happened to me in the past month. Out of the chaos, I’ve suddenly found myself to be inspired again. I released my first song in over 3 years. Keller Councill said “You took 6 years to make trash”, so that’s exciting. I’m enjoying playing my PS3 again. I’m happier. I watched this video with The-Dream and didn’t just get inspired to share it; it made me want to write about it and my current situation.

The random chest pain I’ve had for months has been gone for almost 5 days.

Things are… different. Better. Faster. Stronger.

As per usual, I’ll be tweaking some things. I’m trying to resist changing the site but I know I’m going to do it anyway (Edit: it’s done. I spent all weekend doing it). My curated content had found a home on my Nerd Fresh Facebook page for the past month but I’m going to only share intriguing Facebook items there. I’m taking my content curation to the next level: I’m bringing it live to the site. So not only does that solve my distribution problem, it allows me to drop a few hundred words about why I’m curating this particular content (an idea that Cara Parrish floated to me and E). And of course, there will be more of my own content as well, now that my mind is in a better place.

I think it’s nuts that this piece was inspired by watching a video of The-Dream talking about making music. But inspiration can strike at any time and I’m a willing lightning rod for said inspiration. I got people out here starting podcasts. I’m being welcomed back to a place I thought I shut the door on with open arms. The Cavaliers forced Game 5 and it’s being played in Oakland tonight. I got a lot of positive energy in my life right now, so I’m gonna harness it in a proton pack and start busting some ghosts! Well, I’m going to at least try to put it to good use.

If you think I’m just trying to reach 1000 words for this column, I have no idea what you’re talking about. But the hour grows late and I work in the morning, so I’ll close here. But not before I go get something to drink first, I’m feeling pretty dry right now. And of course, now is when I remember I wanted to have cheesecake. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins on their second straight Stanley Cup Championship too. Not a hockey guy but game recognize game. Maybe this means that Rusev will finally show up on SmackDown Live and do Rusev like things.

One can only hope.

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