The Email Exchange: Sports Ball Stuff w/ Matthew Spencer

Opened up my email last week and found Chiv with a bunch of sports related thoughts so it was only right that I responded with great detail to everything. Make sure you check out our previous piece on comics from the not so distant past.


  1. Wow, have you seen the list of WRs in Jacksonville and their status?

Jaguars WRs:

1. Allen Robinson – IR
2. Marqise Lee – Out
3. Allen Hurns – Out
4. Dede Westbrook
5. Keelan Cole
6. Rashad Greene – IR
7. Arrelious Benn – IR
8. Jaelen Strong – IR
9. Jaydon Mickens
10. Larry Pinkard – waived/injured
11. Shane Wynn – IR

  1. The Warriors beat the Cavs without Curry. That’s huge.
  2. San Antonio is somehow still a competitor. I’m not a Spurs fan but I have a huge amount of respect for them. They always stay competitive somehow.
  3. I always have a tendency to want to put together a bunch of latest people playing their asses off together on a team but right now I want to see Joel Embiid and The Greek Freak play together.
  4. How come no one is talking about Toronto? They are doing great this season.
  5. I have always thought Carmelo was overrated. I figured I’d see if I was wrong once he left NY. I now believe it even more than before.
  6. Have you followed Army’s football team any this season? They somehow had a pretty strong season and won a bowl game with only 65 passes on the season. This is their starting QB’s stats for the year: 14 for 43, 285yards, 1TD, 2INT. His backup and the only other one with a stat for passing: 6 for 18, 76yards, 1TD, 1INT. So total: 20 for 65. Wow. They finished 10-3 this season. One of those losses was to Ohio State. Interestingly enough, while Army was the worst with passing this season, the second worst wasn’t a service academy. It was GA Tech. Man, have they fallen since we played them in a bowl game.
  7. I haven’t followed the Rockets this season other than seeing their stats and record. It seems like Harden may finally be playing defense?
  8. I really hope WVU gets a 2 seed in the tournament. I’m not getting my hopes up though for this team at all. I don’t think this team has what it takes.
  9. LeBron fussed about being fouled by Durant two times with no call yesterday. Have you seen how many times no one called him on plays?
  10. Can you believe this whole catch call thing in the NFL lately? How many fucking times will this help the Pats this season? That rule needs to go so badly.
  11. I have been loosely following NFL this season. Everything seems to point to a Steelers/Pats rematch. I hope the Steelers get some revenge on them.
  12. Can you believe the possibility that the Packers might actually have to release Rodgers? I never realized the penalties for abusing the IR status. I doubt it will happen but it very well could.
  13. I’m not going to talk about baseball because I’m mad at baseball.
  14. Ok, I will at least say why I’m mad at baseball. The O’s are going to have a fire sale and Machado will be traded for something far less than he’s worth and the Yankees have a fucking killer team when I expected them to suck for a long time for dead money on contracts. I’ll keep it to that for a few seasons.
  15. Did you see how close Florida State was to not actually being bowl eligible? A fan on Reddit pointed out that one of their early wins was against a team that online appeared to be under its scholarship count (it was a D-II school) and thus would have not counted as a win and would have broken their record. Turns out, that the school was able to count academic scholarships toward the overall count making it a technical win for Florida State. 🙁 Shady.
  16. Have you been following the College Imperialism stuff?

There is one for college football too but the basketball one is more fun with more teams. WVU somehow is killing it right now. Look at that map!


  1. I have because of fantasy football. I had Lee and he should be back for the playoffs but Westbrook and Cole have been balling out. If the Browns would have stayed the course, chances were they could be Jacksonville in 2 to 3 seasons. Now they’re starting all over again.
  2. Eh, it is but the Cavs still can’t get the stops they need in a 7 game series right now.
  3. I have to say Kawhi is my favorite player in the league right now. And the Spurs are one of my favorite teams since Duncan retired.
  4. Let’s hope they are both healthy come the All-Star game!
  5. Because no one expected them to be bad in the regular season. The playoffs are where they have to make some strides.
  6. He really shouldn’t have forced himself out of Denver. NYK never could really put talent around him after Amare went down and he didn’t get along with Lin or D’Antoni. Nobody knows WTF Phil was doing up there but now the Knicks are competitive. Go figure. If he stayed in Denver, I think his career and legacy would be looked at differently.
  7. I had no idea Army passed so little bit they had TWO running backs with 14 TDs apiece. Bradshaw had 1746 yards and Woolfolk had 812! Then they had two more guys over 600 yards with 6 and 5 TDs respectively! That’s incredible! And Georgia Tech had Calvin Johnson the year WVU beat them; I don’t think they’ve had a stud since.
  8. Harden has come a long way since the 2015-16 season. He definitely has started playing more defense but he’s still immature. I saw highlights of him dropping 50 for the second night in a row this past weekend but they were still losing. He didn’t like the calls so he knocked the ball out of the ref’s hand and got himself ejected. He’s been killing it for me in 2K though; I’m the number 4 seed with a few games to go! I might make it out of the first round! Iggy is pissed though.
  9. I don’t know if a 2 seed is possible without WVU winning the Big XII tournament. I actually really like our team this year though and we’re hitting our free throws!
  10. Well yeah, lol. Perks of being a superstar. The play where LeBron lost it out of bounds should have been a foul. I’m okay with the no call on the layup.
  11. I hate the Patriots as much as you do but James bobbled the fucking ball. I didn’t think so live but I finally saw it last Monday morning. Get a grip on the ball and complete the catch. And the Steelers blew that game any way, there was no reason for them to put themselves in that position. Sadly, I don’t think any team will beat the Patriots again this season and they get home field if they beat NYJ this weekend. The Chiefs or Jaguars are the only teams that have a shot in Foxboro and I think the Steelers aren’t going to be able to play them as well as they did in Pittsburgh. The NFC is wide open as I can’t even pick a winner to come out of there but I still think NE’s experience will win Super Bowl LII.
  12. See above, lol.
  13. Putting him back on the IR was stupid on the Packers part. They could have made him the emergency third string QB for the last few weeks. Technically, rules were broken and whoever made the call is an idiot. I highly doubt they make them release him too but they should get a hefty fine and lose a draft pick at least.
  14. Me too.
  15. For the exact reasons as you other than the O’s. The Sox barely showed up in the playoffs and I’m getting rather disenchanted with them. I love the history and the three championships since 2004 but Papi was the last Sox player from those years. I’ve been thinking about picking back up with the Indians mostly because I love Terry Francona. I still have a lot of love for the Pirates but they still remain the Pirates. But it’s really sad there are all these super teams that can’t be stopped. In the 90s, there were the Bulls but that was because they had Jordan. The Lakers had Magic and Kareem. The NBA in the 70s was wide open because there were injuries and changing styles and the ABA. The 60s had Russell; the 50s had Mikan. The 2000s were mostly dominated by the Lakers and Spurs because they had the best big men that century. The Yankees have been forever though. Other than that drought from 78 to 96. 5 titles in our lifetime. I think the Patriots will end when Belichick retires. And even with the 90s Cowboys, the 80s 49ers, and the 70s Steelers, it all ended when the talent left. I swear the Yankees made a deal with the devil.
  16. I’m so disillusioned with college sports anymore. After you showed me that article about all the money that goes under the table (which I had an idea about but not to that magnitude), it’s hard to see how anything that happens isn’t directly influenced by some bullshit underneath it. I guess the same goes for most professional sports. End of the day, I can still enjoy the games but nothing really surprises me. Really conference tournaments and March Madness are the highlights of my college sports calendar. And don’t get me started on WVU doing “just enough” every season for our football program.
  17. That map is very cool.


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