The Email Exchange: The Walking Dead Theory (w/ Heather Carrico)

What began as an innocent few lines to Heather Carrico, who got me to start watching The Walking Dead turned into a massive email fest about what will happen in tonight’s season finale. Email gold is what follows. Kelen Conley: Who’s gonna die on Sunday #1 – HershelI just don’t see him leaving the prison, … [[Continue Reading]]

The Email Exchange: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man & The New Reader (w/ Matthew Spencer)

The Email Exchange is exactly what it says: two writers correspond by email until enough of their rambling can be made into one coherent read. In our first edition, my brother from another (and Hip-Hop Manifesto podcast partner), Matthew “Chivalry” Spencer and I discuss the new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man series. Which segues into a intense … [[Continue Reading]]