The Name Game

I’ve gone back and forth about my rap name for years. First it was B-Style, which stood for Basketball Style. Upon discovering there was a (Lil’) C-Style, I decided to take the name of the way I spelled B-Style in some of my raps: B Hyphen S-T-Y-L-E. B Hyphen has been my name since but I’ve added several aliases: Hip-Hop’s Last Hope, Seattle Slew, Martino Castro(nni), Hyphenated Spideyville, Flamez Omega, Vegeta, and most recently, H-Y McFly.

After returning from my Spideyville Unlimited exodus (re-releasing “Familiar Ringtone” later today by the way), I strongly considered changing from B Hyphen to Kelen Conley. I felt my birth name better represented where I was at the time than the name I gave myself at 16. For professional reasons, I decided not to do it but I did start referring to myself as Kelen “B Hyphen” Conley on all things other than my music and my job.

Since then, there’s been a few Hyphens floating around the internet. There was a B-Hyphen in Virginia awhile back who seemed to go by another name when it came to actually rapping. Then there was B Hyphen Zo and B Hyphen Dub. I could never tell if they actually wanted to spell their names like that or if it was longer ways to spell out B-Zo or B-W/B-Dub. But still I stood unfazed.

Then a Twitter search produced the craziest name yet: Hyphen B. Apparently, he was on a new single with someone named Z.I.Z. and they had gotten a few mentions. Now I was concerned. Would people start searching for Hyphen B stuff and find mine? Not that this is bad but…what if they hate it and start trashing it like the whole remix fiasco from a few years ago?

So I thought about going to the government for Soon You’ll Understand.

Now, after some research, it seems as though Hyphen B is from Africa. And I even tweeted him to ask how he got his name and he responded, “long story bruh, lol”.

Pro: I have firmly established any B Hyphen presence on the internet as me. So it would take a momentous influx of popularity for anyone to overtake me as The B Hyphen.

Con: People spell it B-Hyphen all the time. There are worse things I suppose.

But really, it will be cool when I publish my first novel under Kelen Conley. But having a potential employer (or current employers) do a Google search and get linked to my music? I’m not the raunchiest person in the world but I don’t hold my tongue either.

So it looks like B Hyphen is here to stay. Unless I get overtaken on Google, then I’ll retreat into my Kelen Conley sized hole.

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