The Piece Within The Piece

So after two weeks’ worth of work, the final Promos By Hyphen column, featuring the 2015 WWE Year End Awards, is now out. I can’t remember if I started it exactly on a Monday but I know that I spent a great deal of time on it and there had to be at least two weeks in there somewhere. I just feel a bit of shame for delaying the column five months for what only took me two weeks to complete. Two weeks out of the 52 in a year. Yeah, I feel some kind of way about that.

For the first major piece of writing I’ve put together since Talking Out The Dead and The Walking Dead’s 5th season ended, it sure brought with it a wave of emotions. I flew through the first 500 words writing the introduction and the next thing I knew I had 5+ pages. My WWE writing style came back to me and I was feeling good about my progress. I thought for sure I’d be able to get the column done in time for the Friday before SummerSlam.

I do all my writing at work. Between my wife and my 1 year old, there’s not a whole lot of time left at the end of the day… that I want to stay awake for. So when we’re busy or I just have a decent amount of stuff going on, there’s no writing. The good news is that I had the early opening shift on that Friday so I’d have almost 90 minutes of uninterrupted writing before we officially opened to the public. By the end of Friday, I hadn’t put a dent in it and had to announce on my social media that that the column would be further delayed.

So why didn’t I just put my head down and knock out the column with the extra time I had Friday morning you ask?

Frankly, I just didn’t give a damn.

Hear me out though; leading up to even writing the first word, I had combed through as many credible WWE resources as I had (including what I remembered seeing myself) at hand trying to determine who to actually give each award to. Some were no-brainers; others just made my brain hurt. And then I moved directly into writing the piece and by Friday, despite my self-imposed semi-deadline, I was burnt out.

One thing I always tell myself is that no one is waiting on me to release anything. And yes, while I have friends, family, and fans that will check out my latest article or listen to new music when I finally get it up on the internets, (sometimes) thankfully, no one is beating down my door for me to get things done and out. One of the benefits of being your own boss I suppose. So I knew that I had time to come back to it without there being any real repercussions. So far though, that mantra has helped me not stress too much when I don’t meet a deadline I set for myself.

So I come back following SummerSlam fresh, I find myself riding the same wave of the words just flowing through me one minute, and then I’m struggling with words again the next. The problem this time lied in the in fact that there’s a bunch of bittersweet feelings for me in the middle of the categories, as I bounce from Best this to Worst this before getting to the Rookie Of The Year category.

I don’t particularly like reliving the high moments of something I love so much and then having to turn around and complain out the things that really annoyed the crap out of me. Especially when it took just a little more thinking for said annoyance to be perfectly fine. But yet, this is one of reasons I started writing for BDL Sports and why that morphed into Promos By Hyphen. I didn’t want to shit all over what was happening on television every week (and God, did I want to, but I also didn’t want a casual fan to read a paragraph in any of my columns and immediately be turned away), so I offered as much constructive criticism as possible and sometimes, I completely sidetracked the elephant in the room to write about something entertaining, like the Kofi Box.

And now, as I tend to do, I’m putting a nice little bow on the column by writing this. I had thought it would be so awesome to write about the conflicts I had during the making of the Year End Awards but apparently, my subconscious wanted me to come to grips with ending the column.

I’m telling myself right now as I type this that there will be something that’ll happen that will bring me to my keyboard to write about WWE again and soon… but I can’t guarantee that. There will be a 2016 WWE Year End Awards is what I said and what I’m telling myself now… but that would be 7 months from now at the earliest (and we know how great I am at posting something at the relevant time). Let’s be realistic, am I really okay walking away from Promos By Hyphen?

Not one bit. And the fact that I’m not okay with that gives me hope for not just future WWE articles but for the writing projects I have on the horizon. If I still care enough to be reluctant about ending my little wrestling column, then that means that I will be reluctant to give up on any other ideas I may want to write, no matter how ludicrous they may sound at the time of the conception. And that can translate into my recent determination to learn how to make beats which will in turn inspire me to return to writing which will bring about the 2nd album I’d like to release in 2016. Everything’s connected; I feel like Fox Mulder over here.

But ending Promos is the right thing to do. I’m trying to turn the site into a destination for all things I write or create musically, and this just opens things up a bit more for me without worrying when my last Promos column was released. Instead, I’ll just worry about the last column I wrote and how long it’s been since that came out. I promise this makes sense in my head.

But if they give Sting the WWE Title (they won’t)? I have to write about that. Has anyone held the WWE Title since the Monday Night Wars ended that was on WCW’s side and when I say that, someone who didn’t leave WCW for WWE in the middle of the Wars? No. Sting winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship would be a first as no man who didn’t cross during the Monday Night Wars has ever held the most prestigious belt in the company.

So I definitely know they won’t let him win now. Damn you Wikipedia.

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