The SYU Diaries: Could It Be?

I made a lot of progress last week.

I mixed 8 of the 10 tracks (including the ones I mentioned previously) and 5 tracks have passed the car test. I still feel like “AJOGP&R;” needs more hiss reduction, but it’s tough when I’m trying to keep the integrity of the vocals in check too. Too much reduction, I sound like I’m underwater.

I got “Legacy” mixed and I’ve been in love with that track since I completed it. It’s a super loud mix but I’m hoping it’ll be okay in the car. I really hate to turn down instrumentals because I want as much of the producer’s work to come through as my own.

I mixed “Limited Edition (No Competition)” for what seems like the tenth time. It, along with “No Room For Squares” are probably the oldest songs that I’ve been saving for my debut album, since 2010 at least. It’s gone through various versions but I never included a third verse; I originally wanted to get 6’6 240 on it but he never got to it. I thought about Huey Mack, and he said he would do it, but never got around to it. So, realizing the chemistry I had with Thack, he knocked it out of the park for me with a Kanye-esque performance (see: “Put On”).

I also mixed “Winter’s Lament (Miami’s Gone)”, which comes at an even more appropriate time than when I wrote it last winter since this winter WON’T END. It was pretty much good to go and I think a lot of people will dig it.

That leaves me to mix the last two songs and add Kwame’s other bass part to the end of track 9. I hope to do one final car test on the whole album within the next few days before I auto-master everything with AAMS. Then once the mastering is done, it’s another car test, hopefully a first full listen at E’s…and then it’s album time.


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