There’s Ducks At My House

I have no idea if this matters but I’m making a big deal about it.

I came home today and saw two ducks in my front yard. This is the first time I’ve seen ducks this close to my house since we moved in last June.

They’re here because my neighbor has a bunch of grass seed down after some yard work. There’s also an annoying woodpecker that pops up in the morning now, but fuck that bird.

It’s funny because I had an incident down at my work getaway spot by the river a week or so before. I thought I had ran over a duck’s foot when it flew over my car and landed… with one foot. I freaked. I searched for the foot. The duck was acting crazy.

But no foot. As Marcus says, the jig was up. The duck had already been living on one foot for some time. I saw it a couple days later getting along fine. I guess he was pissy I woke him up when I pulled in next to him​.

The ducks are significant because I was fired from that job that I used to run away from every chance I got. I went back to my old retail job at a shoe store that I swore I wouldn’t return to. I’m this close to getting my previous job back​. Before I saw those ducks, I was bummed about my luck. I’d only been fired before once and that was from a phone customer service job that I didn’t care about at the age of 25. To lose my job at 34, especially when I feel it was unwarranted… hurt. You know something’s fucked up when the supervisors are damn near in tears over it.

No, my one footed nemesis wasn’t there at my house. But there were ducks. Going to the free food supply. Grinding. Living.

I wasn’t fired. I was freed. This is my opportunity to find all-around happiness again. My opportunity to look for that consistent second income that E and I discussed in his office for a few hours last Friday. I’m going to keep grinding. I’m going to keep living.

And I can be happy again.

Thanks ducks.

But that one legged duck can kiss my ass.

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