Thoughts Of A Last Hope (2005)

This is similar to what Errick normally does when he sits down to come up with one of his editions of The Lightning Rod. I wrote this on my Live Journal long ago. Good luck.

First and foremost, quit sleeping on Royce Da 5’9″! Go buy his new album Independent’s Day. My favorite underground MC (at least damn near tied with Talib Kweli).

Hyphen’s back in the building. Got my girl mostly moved back in to Morgantown. T h i s c l o s e to starting school next week.

Break: Financial Aid needs a new question. After they find out how much your parents make they should ask how much of that money is going towards your education. Grrr…

Matt’s in Morgantown. I only see him when he’s not working or “working” but at least he’s in town.

Blood Music CEOs Jamie and Andy (or my friends) are both doing well. Jamie is losing more money than he’s getting but he’s getting more of something else so I guess it evens out. Andy barely works but he’s still surviving like Gloria Gaynor. Josh got back in town and he hasn’t changed except he’s more comfortable with his masculinity than any of us care to know.

Jess is moved in as well (her and Angel are roommates, makes sense). Just needs to bring the lil’ homie Austin up at this point. And she makes great pancakes at 1:30 in the am.

Heavy Rotation on Victory Jumpoff radio (aka my PC) – Jay-Z – Ignorant Shit. Unreleased but Hova holds it down over the break from The Isley Brothers between the sheets. The same break you can hear Jim Jones and Trey Songz on “Summer With Miami”. Just wish I could find one without the damn DJ.

What is Blood Music Entertainment?
My new label I started with Jamie and Andy under Death Before Dishonor Records. Big things main…

What about the fanfiction?
Working on the new Marvel Anthology design since the server I was on canned my hosting. No hard feelings since Chris Partin was hosting me for free for a year or more. Good looking out Chris.
DC Anthology is also working on its big relaunch in September. That’s being spearheaded by my good friend (who I’ve never met in person mind you) Erik Fromme. Like I said big things!

What about the writing?
Amazing Spider-Man #451 will be out at least by October. This is the big Mary Jane story arc for those reading. We find out she’s not dead like Osborn told Peter at the end of #450 and where she’s been.
Robin #1 will be coming out in September as part of the DCA relaunch. I’m changing a lot of things so everything you read before won’t be the same but it won’t be too too different.
Ultimate Daredevil #1 will be launching as part of MA’s Ultimate Marvel launch which also includes Ultimate Spider-Man by Tobias Christopher, Ultimate X-Men by Erik, and Ultimate Avengers by Clayton Tooley. It ain’t ya mama’s Ultimate line either folks. Heads up bitches!

Break: Watching Reverend Run’s new video “Mind On The Road”. About time Run drops a solo. It’s nice. Classic Run. Download it or check that video.

Another break: Readin the new Shade 45 magazine (yeah I ride with XXL bitches!) and Eminem is wearing my new Jordans. Great minds think alike!

What about the music?
Fuck it, I’ve been quiet enough…for me anyways. It started out I wanted to do a mixtape with some original tracks on it cause both Mind’s Mixtapes didn’t have any and no one knew what I sounded like. The few people that have copies. I was gonna call it Dear Summer and just make good summer time songs but…that ain’t me. I can make the songs but that’s not what Hyphen’s about. So I retitled it The Thunderstorm Mixtape and that’s where I’m at. So far I have about half done. I have to re-record a lot of it cause my sound card sucked but it should be done by the end of this month. Then it’s over to DJ Wise to mix it and throw his touch on it. Jamie is gonna host it. Just got to get him to do the drops. But it will have 5 original tracks and 15 tracks total. Plus it’ll have three songs that drop at the end of tracks that feature a verse each. I’d give you a peek but this is the one that’s gonna get me some recognition. I’m pushing this one. Pushing pushing pushing. Look for it by October or maybe late September.

What about The Mind’s Mixtape volume Three?
That will go into production at the earliest December and be out by March again. I’d really like to say February. It’s the last in the series so I’m gonna go all out. Also I’m supposed to be doing a mixtape with my boy Jonathan, only thing is he freestyles and I don’t. And he comes with stuff that I’m kinda against in hip-hop nowadays but we’re gonna give it a go.

Break: I’m interviewing myself. Is that as bad as talking to yourself?

G-Unit signed Mobb Deep and M.O.P. THANK GOD. Both of them need great promotion and it’s one thing da Unit is good at. Plus I actually trust 50 to let them make their music. He let Game make his music (or did he write game’s music…we’ll see.). Oh and did anyone notice that Game just had to use How We Do as his verse on R. Kelly’s “Playaz Only”. Not a good look.

And as far as 300 Bars goes…it’s a great track and he had some nice disses at the Unit but the thing about it…it was a gimmick. 15 minutes? The Young Gunz said it best it was 8 songs put together. It was hot and I’m all for the Game to prosper and keep making good music, I just hope he stops his whole blank can suck my dick at his concerts. He ends beefs with Budden, Bleek, Yukmouth, Jay, and then there are their names at his concerts. That’s some foul shit.

Sigel’s home!  That’s right! The man who released one of 2005’s best albums (more on that in a second) is home from his bid. Right now he’s enjoying his family but trust the Broad Street Bully will be out in force soon. Just keep the gun to yourself Sig.

Best albums of 2005: (In no order!)
1. The Game – The Documentary (or 50 Cent’s Warm Up album as he says)
2. Beanie Sigel – The B.Coming
3. Common – Be
Yeah that’s it. I’m a hip-hopper not a hip popper! Damn!

50 also was a little upset about his reception at Madison Square Garden during a recent stop on the Anger Management 3 tour. Unfortunately, Curtis hasn’t reached Shawn Corey Carter’s status. Isn’t that a shame.

The funny thing is I had a dream 50 wanted to sign me the other night.

Young Jeezy dropped his album. It’s a decent album, it’s gonna sell, and he’s got some heat. It’s just not for me.

Tony Yayo drops tomorrow, got the album. It’s a solid G-Unit album. It’s better than The Massacre by far.

Albums to look out for:
1. Kanye West – Late Registration
2. Jim Jones – Diary Of A Summer (I’m not crediting anything other than Jones’ ability to make good songs, just based off of the singles so far)
3. Juelz Santana – What The Game’s Been Missing (it’s Santana, my favorite Diplomat since Cam signed with the ROC)
4. Reverend Run – Not sure on the name

Is anybody still reading this? I’m almost done.

On August 5, 2005, James Robey, Matthew Spencer, Andy Smith, and Kelen Conley defeated X-Men Legends after at least a month of battle. Their shouts of triumph were heard by anyone within a 10 foot radius of the house. Now they wait patiently for X-Men Legends 2 to be released.

In case you didn’t realize, I GOT ACCEPTED TO WVU!

1.46 gigs of hard drive space is occupied by my slow n grooves folder that features the best slow jams of all time. Over 24 hrs of music. Just wait til I do my R&B album…

One other thing…Skillz album FINALLY drops on September 13th! That is a must have, he’s been trying to come out with an album since 2002 with Rawkus. Gotta support him.

Aiight. I’m done. Let me know if you like this format or not. I can do this on regular. It’s Hyphen!!!

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