Thoughts Of A Last Hope II (2005)

For some reason, this was the last of these. Maybe I could do them now? Nah…

Once again it’s about that time…

New Orleans is a mess after Hurricane Katrina practically wiped it off the face of the U.S. I’m glad to see that everyone is getting involved and doing their parts. Warrick Dunn even urged all NFL players not in the N.O. to donate 5 Gs. Not like they couldn’t. Hopefully with a little luck they can get the recovery effort really moving.

I’m starting my third week of college. Things are going quite nice. Classes are enjoyable, had a quiz in history Friday, I hope I didn’t do bad. Got Tuesdays and Thursdays off because my Thursday class doesn’t start until October. I have nice gaps between my classes…so overall college is good. And just by glancing out the library window I can tell you it’s really good. Cheah!

Jin. The chinese rapper as everyone says. He released his debut album The Rest Is History last fall, sold about 100,000 copies. Then this past winter he did this track called “I Quit” saying he was quitting the music game. Ha, but Jin is much to clever for that. Instead he bought out his contract with Ruff Ryders/Virgin and now goes by The Emcee. He just released a new video from his upcoming project called “Top 5 (Dead Or Alive)” which you can see here: .

Kanye West – Late Registration came out on the 30th! Is it better than The College Dropout? Yes. Kanye really let the music do the rhyming for him tho. He rhymes but every beat is just so magnetic and how everything is arranged…aww man it’s bananas. XXL gave it a XXL rating. The Source may give up the 5 mics for it. You just need to find a way to get this album. It’s official on my best albums of 2005 list. And he said George Bush doesn’t care about black people.

Speaking of XXL and The Source, they’ve both recently changed Little Brother’s rating from their new album The Minstrel Show. XXL was going to give it a XXL rating but didn’t want to give out back to back XXLs and The Source was going to give it 4 and a 1/2 mics but lowered it to a 4 because they weren’t that well known. And now I’m hearing that Lil’ Kim (the same Lil’ Kim who’s about to go to jail for a year and a day) is gonna get 5 mics. It’s good to know the Source is still accepting money for mics.

Had a decent Labor Day weekend. Watched WVU when their opening football game and finally made it to see Four Brothers. I was expecting a better story but it was still a good movie. Went to BW3s and Gibbie’s on Saturday night. Besides that I didn’t get into anything else.

Break: Watching Night Court on TV Land. Is this out on DVD yet?

Recorded two tracks today: “Play” and “Somebody”. I had recorded Play earlier this summer but due to the sound card I had to do it again. Somebody is a slower track which features a sample from Patti LaBelle’s “Somebody Loves You Baby”. Of course I’m not paying for the sample cause I’m not buying the track which means I’m not selling the mixtape. So I’m moving right along.

G-Unit signed Ma$e who says it will be a return to Murda Mase of pre-Bad Boy fame. But what of Minster Mase that was just gracing TV screens last year? Rappers are crazy…

I’d like to announce that I am one of the newest DJs for WVU’s college radio station U92. After fifteen hours of training I will be on the air! Just like when I used to tape myself over my favorite songs when I was little. Man I’m a nerd…

I read some new trade paperbacks: The Dark Knight Strikes Again by Frank Miller, E Is For Extinction by Grant Morrison, and currently Essential Spider-Man volume 4 by Stan Lee. Miller’s sequel to 1986’s The Dark Knight Returns didn’t let me down as I feared and pretty much matched the original in quality. I think Returns still wins out. I finally decided to start my New X-Men collection after reading Dino’s article and found it to be great. I’ll be picking up the Imperial arc soon.

TPBs I want:
Ultimate Spider-Man
100 Bullets
Y: The Last Man
Alias volume 4
Flash: Blitz
Green Lantern: Rebirth

I bought another long box, backing boards, and bags so I can clean up these 3 stacks of comics I’ve neglected to put away for the longest. I should get to those by tomorrow evening.

But for now, I’ll just let my weary eyes rest…

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