Uneducated Guesses About the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: First Round

I’ve been to one live NHL game. I’ve never played hockey or attempted to ice skate. I loved The Mighty Ducks 1 & 2. I had an NHL game for my Game Gear that I was pretty good at and I was pretty decent with the Bruins on NHL ’06. I don’t know what icing or offsides means. I got pretty pumped about the zamboni in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. If I had to name some of my favorite players to watch as a kid, I’d say Lemieux, Jagr, Sakic, and Modano. I was too young to truly appreciate Gretzky. I hated the Red Wings when I was younger and I think Eric Lindros is overrated.

So with that knowledge, time to pick some winners for the Stanley Cup Playoffs! *

Eastern Conference

#1 New York Rangers v. # #8 Pittsburgh Penguins – Rangers in 5.
#2 Montreal Canadiens v. #7 Ottawa Senators – Senators in 6.
#3 Tampa Bay Lightning v. #6 Detroit Red Wings – Lightning in 4.
#4 Washington Capitals v. #5 New York Islanders – Capitals in 6.

Western Conference

#1 Anaheim Ducks v. #7 Winnipeg Jets – Ducks in 4.
#2 St. Louis Blues v. #6 Minnesota Wild – Blues in 7.
#3 Chicago Blackhawks v. #4 Nashville Predators – Blackhawks in 6.
#5 Vancouver Canucks v. #8 Calgary Flames – Flames in 5.

* In case you didn’t realize from the horrid introduction, I know nothing!

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