Uneducated Guesses About the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Second Round

First Round Results: 6-2

So maybe I’m just lucky. I knew picking the Senators was a long shot, but at least they mounted a comeback before the Canadiens finished them off. Did not see the Wild’s upset coming though. Good for them. Minnesota needs something to feel good about right now, aside from Andrew Wiggins winning Rookie of the Year (and only because Jabari got hurt. Parker was staking claim early before he tore his ACL).

Eastern Conference

#1 New York Rangers v. #4 Washington Capitals – Rangers in 7. And no, I don’t care that the Caps are currently up in the series.

#2 Montreal Canadiens v. #3 Tampa Bay Lightning – Lightning in 6. I really don’t think the Canadiens get swept. But the next two games are in Tampa…

Western Conference

#1 Anaheim Ducks v. #8 Calgary Flames – Ducks in 6. I think the Flames win Game 4 though.

#3 Chicago Blackhawks v. #6 Minnesota Wild– Blackhawks in 5. With the Blues out, the Rangers faltering, and the Kings at home, the Blackhawks have my vote as the next Stanley Cup Champions.

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