Victory Jumpoff Radio Rises Again (on iTunes)

After leaving U92’s The Urban Diner the first time in 2008 (I returned for a year with E from 2010-2011), I really wanted to continue doing radio but without the restrictions of terrestial radio, so I knew starting a music podcast was the best route to go. Thus, Victory Jumpoff Radio was born in 2009!

Since then, I managed to do 13 shows over 6 years (1 was by Chiv and the other by Strizy) but I keep coming back to it when I feel inspired to “do radio” so to speak. I’ve been working with Elliott Wilson again on getting his #Thoro Podcast up on iTunes and just to test it, I resubmitted VJR just to see if the feed would get rejected like it did a few years ago.

Instead, VJR is now on iTunes. Prompting me to maybe start doing the show at least monthly again. It’s 25 songs and 6 breaks fer cryin’ out loud.

Here’s the most recent episode.


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