For the first show of 2012, I decided to bring you a show featuring one of my favorite artists: Aubrey Drake Graham. Now, you may know Drake as the guy who exploded onto the scene with his mixtape So Far Gone in 2009 and from the countless hits and the two albums he’s dropped since. But in this show, I aim to bring you the lesser known Drake music. With a few exceptions, this show consists of music from his first mixtape Room For Improvement to his first album Thank Me Later. I tried to stay away from singles as much as possible but you might hear a tune or two you’ve heard before. So without further ado, I give you: A Man Named Drake.

This episode is a bit shorter than previous shows, just a heads up.

  1. The Resistance
  2. The Calm
  3. Fear
  4. Don’t You Have A Man
  5. Come Winter
  6. Goodnight And Goodluck
  7. Trust Issues
  8. Overdose
  9. Unforgettable
  10. Light Up
  11. Show Me A Good Time
  12. Miss Me
  13. Fireworks
  14. For My Town (Play Ball)
  15. Money To Blow
  16. All Of The Lights (Remix)
  17. Special
  18. City Is Mine
  19. Closer
  20. Asthma Team
  21. Still Fly

Victory Jumpoff Radio – Show #7: A Man Named Drake

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