Here it is! At last! The final part of the 100th episode has arrived.! There are a few announcements concerning the show at the beginning but from then on it is live callers for nearly two hours! The talk is varied and sometimes involves comic books even. A lot of great people called in during this portion. They are:

  • Brad Douglas: Founder and Grand Poo Pah of the Spider-Man Crawlspace and the Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast. Brad’s an awesome guy and I was glad to have him on the show.
  • Zach and Bertone: Zach is one of the Gang from the Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast. Bertone hosts or co-hosts a gaggle of podcasts including The Batman Universe, The Bertone Beatle Bonanza, Marvel Star Wars, and three or fifteen others that are escaping me right now. Together they host the Clone Saga Chronicles, a podcast dedicated to the much maligned Ben Reilly/Clone Saga era of Spider-Man.
  • Scott C: A former guest of this show, a contributor to and part of the insanity that is the Weekend Justice podcast. Scott is a great guy and one of the biggest supporters of this podcast from the beginning, so I liked having him on the show again.
  • Thomas Matis and Donovan Grant: Two members of the Spider-Man Crawlspace Message Boards and co-hosts of the Spectacular Webs podcast that covers the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series. Thomas has been a long time supporter of the show and Donovan is just an awesome guy in general.
  • Patrick: Patrick is from the Unique Geek Listserv and a longtime friend of Shag’s. He was also on Jeopardy, which is pretty dang awesome.
  • Justin Clark: Justin doesn’t have a podcast or blog but damn it he should. Justin is a very good friend of the show and it was nice to finally talk to him “in person”.
  • Kelen B-Hyphen Conley: Writer. Podcast host. Future hip-hop superstar. Kelen does it all. Turns out the Kelen and I have some history in fan fic that I wasn’t even aware of but we go through that in the show itself. Kelen’s major contribution to podcasting is Hip Hop Manifesto, which he hosts with Chiv. There is also, which is currently under construction but has a bunch of links to his other online endeavours. Kelen also has a Live Journal called Spideyville Unlimited, which contains links to the Marvel Anthology and DC Anthology fan fic sites which he hosts and contributes to and whatever thoughts and videos catch Kelen’s eye.
  • Isaac Cole: Isaac has a podcast/blog called The Reel Podcast, which I was a guest on about a year ago, so check that out. Isaac has also been a part of the Between the Panels podcast, which is an excellent show that I cannot recommend enough.

And that’s it. Sorry this post went up so late but I do appreciate everyone that was on the monstrosity that was episode 100 and I wanted to thank everyone that listens to the show. I have a lot of fun stuff planned for the show in the coming weeks and months and I hope y’all stick with me as I continue this personal soapbox I call Views From The Longbox.

Views From The Longbox – Episode 100 Part 3: “Live” Callers Phase 2

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