B Hyphen – Since S.Y.U.

Since S.Y.U. is the spiritual successor to a track I did in 2007 called Since Thunderstorm. Where that song detailed my struggles between mixtapes, this one describes all of the things I’ve been doing since my first album Soon You’ll Understand came out in 2014.

The concept came to me a few months ago where I wanted to have a song where I just rattled off a ton of bars mainly to take advantage of TikTok’s 3 minute uploads. I also had grown tired of being stuck in the box of dueting with a producer on that platform as I couldn’t say more than the original video’s length would let me.

Inspiration struck one morning when I wanted to hear The Last Hope by Drake, Kardinal Offishall, and Andreena Mill from Drake’s second mixtape Comeback Season. I figured that in the worst case scenario, I could get my bars off, get the vertical video I wanted, and then post the song on Soundcloud. Thankfully, Mr. Graham could care less about his pre-So Far Gone output so Dizzy, if you’re reading this, I will give you all the cents this song may potentially make on streaming. Or rightfully so, I’ll give the change to Rich Kidd, the song’s producer.

I wrote the first two bars after thinking of the title and then came back for the rest a few Saturdays ago. I tried to record then but failed. The video you see above was my second recording session.

I love this song. Not only do I mention those close to me but I think it is a nice official welcome of B Hyphen back to the arena. I’ve released songs here and there since the album and I like those but this feels like the start of something fresh and I love that.

Also, if you weren’t mentioned in the song and feel slighted, email me at matt@mattspencer.net. Thanks!

So as Batman, LDB, and Romeo said, playtyme is over.

I have no idea what that means. But enjoy the track!

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