Jordan Clan Beats x B Hyphen – Fixed Fight

It all started with an email.

That was October 25th.

November 3rd, E texted me if I had anything written yet.

I had not.

He let me know I shouldn’t feel obligated to write just because we’re almost from the womb to the tomb like Meech and Tee. I told him I didn’t and I’d have something soon.

November 11th. Veteran’s Day. I now had two verses and texted E excitedly.

A gif of Captain Holt from Brooklyn 99 fist pumping followed.

December 2nd. I headed to E’s house to lay the record. The first verse comes and goes and he looks content. Then I told him about the second verse.

“Two verses? I only asked for one.”

“Oh, that’s my fault then. We just can scrap it and go with what we have.”

“Nah, let’s go ahead and see what you got.”

Two verses later (and maybe less than 10 takes), the first version of “Fixed Fight” was born. He thought the second verse was even better than the first.

“What are we going to do for the hook?” he asked.

I preferred to leave it blank. He had put a nasty breakdown in between the verses and I wanted it to just rock. He thought it would be better with a hook of some type though. So we left it.

February 28th. I texted him that I had something for the Conspiracy beat he had sent with “Fixed Fight”.

March 2nd. I’m back in his home studio. He pulls up “Fixed Fight”.

“Do you have a hook for this?”


“Alright, start working on it.”

So while I racked my brain for a fitting hook, he started messing with the arrangement. He pressed play and my vocals started as soon as the track did. Instead of my verse starting where the beat dropped, I now was able to build up a head of steam with the beat. When the best dropped now, I was confidently spitting my way through the rest of verse one.

“I think that’s it,” he said. He neatly dropped my second verse right behind it and the final form of “Fixed Fight” had been realized.

We vibed out for a little bit before he asked if I had time to shoot the video.

Of course I did.

We took three different shots, including this amazing one of me over his shoulder spitting while he grimaces into the camera.It is his beat after all.

I’ll let you know when it drops.

But that’s the origin of “Fixed Fight”. This version is way more interesting than I had some time on Veteran’s Day to write.

Now “Conspiracy”? That has a good, petty story attached to it.

I’ll let you know when it drops.

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