12/25: Bing Crosby – The Christmas Song

Even though Errick trashed this song on ILaPoW, I still love this song. And yeah, the Bing Crosby take is the best version of “The Christmas Song”.

I’ve encountered all the Christmas songs. I joined my elementary school chorus in 5th grade and I never looked back, continuing to sing with different choruses, jazz singers, and community choirs until I moved to Morgantown in 2003. There were always Christmas songs, some of them repeated often throughout the years.

The one that matters to me the most comes from one of my most treasured Christmas memories. In 1992, my parents decided I would be spending Christmas with my mom in Winchester. Mom had moved into a one bedroom apartment by then that was often visited by cockroaches and water bugs. But it was her home and she made it my home. That was the year she got me a Gameboy and a Raphael action figure that could be mutated into a turtle. But even that didn’t matter.

I just remember sitting in her living at some point and ol’ Bing coming across the TV. She sang along with it. I don’t recall hearing it up until that time. Hell, I don’t even know if she really liked Bing or that song. But that was our Christmas song that year. And that’s why I’ll always love “The Christmas Song”.

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