12/26: Brandy – Sittin’ Up In My Room

Waiting To Exhale is the last great movie soundtrack (that’s not Disney related). Considering it was meticulously created and curated by Babyface and then given to some of the greatest and hottest R&B acts at the time, it’s truly no surprise. The soundtrack is a perfect companion to a film about four friends going through their trials and tribulations with the men in their lives.  Nominated for 11 Grammys (with Whitney winning one and then losing another to Toni Braxton, who also contributed to the soundtrack), it’s a landmark in music that may never be replicated.

Despite the Mary J., Faith, Whitney, Aretha, and TLC of it all, my favorite song on the album is “Sittin’ Up In My Room”. Easily the most upbeat track on the album, then 16 year old Brandy was hot off the heels of her self-titled debut album. Lamenting about a crush that has no idea about her, Brandy captures a feeling that many adolescents (and adults!) dealt with growing up.

Even now, the funky Babyface production is enough to keep me entertained but Brandy’s vocals never leave the listener looking for the next song. It’s a shame they didn’t team up for more music in later years; the chemistry they have on “Sittin’ Up In My Room” is apparent even twenty plus years later.

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