12/27: Whitney Houston – I’m Every Woman

Some things just can’t be done by a man. How well do you think this song would come off if some dude was yelling about “I’m Every Man”? It wouldn’t. Enter Whitney Houston.

“I’m Every Woman” was originally recorded by Chaka Khan in 1978 but Whitney owns this song now (some would say that about her “I Will Always Love You” rendition as well). Released on The Bodyguard soundtrack, Whitney takes a song that should just be an anthem for women and makes it a plain old anthem. You can’t listen to “I’m Every Woman” and not feel incredible afterwards. The Walden/Cole/Biancaniello/Clivillés production demands your attention and makes you want to move. Whitney’s perfect vocal performance brings the whole track together.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since Whitney passed. It just speaks to the volume of her talent that a song that was released in 1992 sounds like it should be on the radio today.

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