12/28: Lazlo Bane – Superman

Scrubs is my favorite sitcom of all-time. I started watching it over 10 years ago and I devoured the early seasons on DVD prior to it returning for its 7th season. I have a folder full of music I’ve curated from the show during its run.

“Superman” is the theme song to Scrubs. I didn’t know who Lazlo Bane was before I started watching Scrubs and I still don’t. But every time it started up with the show’s intro, I felt at peace. The actual song itself is a little slower than the theme song but those banjos just take you away.

I hate to put Lazlo Bane into such a box but maybe… sometimes… you only have one amazing record. To this day, I have no desire to hear any of their other music (I think I listened to a few seconds of their “Overkill” cover, another Scrubs standout). But “Superman” is perfect. I had this sampled for “World Without The Hyphen”.

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