12/29: Childish Gambino – Because The Internet

“Freaks And Geeks” was my first exposure to Childish Gambino. Considering all the music that I was listening to in 2011, I didn’t think too much of it. Otherwise, I knew Gambino (Donald Glover) from Community.

After hearing the single “Bonfire”, I was swayed enough to listen to Camp. And I loved Camp. I loved his follow up mixtape Royalty. But nothing can prepare you for 2013’s Because The Internet.

First off, there’s a screenplay. Don’t bother trying to wrap your head around the idea. It actually lessened my enjoyment. If you follow along with the screenplay, it’ll all make sense. Then, there are the phenomenal videos, each intriguing in their own way. Seriously, this is maximum Gambino.

Aside from all of that, Because The Internet is just so good. The rapping and the singing blends as well as anything you hear Drake put out. Hell, this is better than Drake. Drake just makes dope songs. Gambino was so into this project that he was playing the lead character from the screenplay during all the promo for the album. And even though it’s a cohesive album, there are so many songs that are great on their own. So much so that I just have to write about the awesomeness that is “Sweatpants” by itself.

Just go listen to the damn album already. Love live Gambino.

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