12/30: Childish Gambino – Sweatpants

As much as I can go on about how amazing Because The Internet is… let me do it some more. “Sweatpants” is straight heat. Still channeling his character “The Boy”, when he says “rich kid asshole, paint me as a villain”, you believe that “Sweatpants” could only come from the mind of a spoiled rich kid you hate.

Featuring the most braggadocio raps on the whole album, this track just gets you ready to go. I was headed to work on a Saturday morning, dragging, because Aaliyah had woken up early and surprise! I didn’t sleep much. I can’t remember if it was shuffle or intentional, but “Sweatpants” came on and I was ready to fight the world.

The music video is another fire visual that Gambino made for the album and it features him in a diner with… a bunch of other Childish Gambinos? Maybe it’s supposed to signify how alone he is despite the money and the arrogance… or maybe he’s alone because of the money and the arrogance? Anyway, any song that is titled because “rich people wear whatever they want” deserves all the attention.

And what other rapper can you name that will stop in the middle of a verse to correct himself all while breaking character?

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