Kanye West & Charlie Wilson – Bound 2 (Live)

Sometimes, it's nice to have reminders. For example, Kanye West has pretty much been written off as genius/asshole. He's judged more for ranting, running into signs, and dealing with the attention that comes with being the second Mr. Kim Kardashian and North's dad.

The thing to remember is that Kanye still makes music. And while Yeezus may not have lit the world on fire like he hoped, it's still a damn good record that sounds nothing like anyone else's record.

I fell in love with “Bound 2” from the moment I heard it, then lost a little respect for it after the video came out. To see “Bound 2” in its best form, you need to turn back to the day that Kanye and Charlie Wilson showed up for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last year. Remember how Ye and Charlie and The Roots came together to bring Yeezus' final track to life and forget all the other crap you associate with Kanye West.

Just watch, listen, and be inspired. Music like this is the reason why we heap so much ridicule on Kanye daily. Because we can't complain about his art when it sounds this dope.

This is your reminder.

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