The Greatest SYU Review

My dad emailed this to me a few weeks after I sent him a clean copy of Soon You’ll Understand in 2014. His note said it wasn’t a review from him but I thought it was anyway. For some reason, I never posted it like I did with any other review I recieved of the album.

It wasn’t long after that I actually believed it wasn’t from him. I had talked to my mom about SYU and she said she really liked it and was proud of me for fulfilling my dreams of releasing an album, so I didn’t think she would take the extra time to have dad send me an email (she hated sitting and typing if she could avoid it) with her thoughts.

I lost mom on November 7. I came back to this review and asked dad who it was from and sure enough, it was from mom. So it was a happy little surprise that I didn’t fully look into this until now.

This is the best album review I’ll ever get for the rest of my life.

breakdown –

  1. A Journey – I like the beat & most of the words that I hear I can understand the message. However, sometimes rap & I just don’t understand each other
  2. Better w/ Bacon – Full of himself & it makes me smile
  3. No Room for Squares – LOVE IT!! like the piano fade-off & back in with the beat & the bass coming through
  4. Rewind – like this one a lot also! It’s real, it’s from the heart, & it gives a chuckle
  5. Fit Jammin’ – like cause it is some good jammin’ for real!
  6. Legacy – this is the song that I heard the “F” word, ho’s, & bitch (I accidentally sent the dirty version)
  7. Limited Edition – cool! tells of the struggles toward success – intense
  8. Winter’s Lament – if I listen to rap (which is VERY seldom), I need to have the beat – this was just not upbeat enough for me
  9. Independent Headspace –  this is also a favorite, like the beat & also the tinkling of the piano keys
  10. World Without the Hyphen – This is absolutely my favorite – LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!! He has pride in himself for giving it all he’s got, and you know that he will continue to do what he loves for all those that he loves. This one I would like to be able to download & then transfer to my MP3 player

Overall, I think this is a great album, full of passion & hard work, & doing what rap does in relaying the messages of youth & what they strive/struggle toward.

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