4Pz Episode 16: WVU U92 91.7 FM DJ Reunion

So E used to do this wonderful YouTube vlog called 4Pz (The Pain, The Pleasure, The Passion Produced) where he would catalog different things he was doing in his life. We got together for the U92 FM 35th anniversary to do The Urban Diner together for the first time in years. He documented it and then we sat down shortly after to talk about our experiences on U92 and the Diner.
E doesn’t do 4Pz anymore. I miss it.

I was a college radio DJ for many years at West Virginia University 91.7 FM U92 The Urban Diner. Me and Kelen Conley aka B Hyphen had a show for some of those years and we have a lot of good memories and stories that we talk about in this episode. The radio station has a annual reunion where alumni come back in for a weekend to inspire and mentor current student DJs. One of the things that happen during that weekend is the alumni get to do a show again, which me and Kelen decided to do, and it turned out being a awesome idea! It felt so good to be back in that room playing hip hop, I forgot how much i liked it. Hope you like this episode!

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