Happy 100 Hyphen

My friends and family are too good for me. That’s all I’m going to say and let Marcus do the rest…

Circa 2006, while getting into random adventures that many college sophomores find themselves in, I bumped into Kelen while hanging with our mutual friend Rheadrea while riding around Morgantown, WV. Throughout the subsequent years, around town I’d catch Kelen hanging with Chris or Greg Flynn, or Moose, or Big Money Ed, or one of the many cast of mid-to-late-2000’s characters that ran through Motown during those easy days.

Staying in contact via Facebook, Twitter and tumblr throughout the years, we established a solid friendship. In 2011, tumblr was the first place where I began sharing my writing publicly and Kelen was one of the first people to read, share and embrace me as a creator. In fact, Kelen, I can say without a doubt, has consistently read my work longer than any other person. He’s always been a champion of fueling the creative spirit and thoughtfully exploring ideas.

Just a little over two years ago, I finally got the balls to ask to come on Kelen’s podcast Hyphen Nation as a guest and I got to be a part of Episode 34: Beers Make The World Go Round. We spent the night in his basement sippin’ brews, chopping it up about sports, movies and music. That conversation cemented our friendship; I am forever grateful to have someone in my corner that continually pushes me to reach greater heights with my craft. Thank you, Kelen.

As a token of my appreciation, I put together a gift. I got a few people together to say a few kind words to show their appreciation. Hope you enjoy, Kelen. Here’s to 100.

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