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Note: You can subscribe to my free newsletter It’s Not Gonna Write Itself here. Bringing back the name because I had gotten back into writing semi-regularly under that title in 2019 only to discover my site had been hacked in early 2020. Instead of thinking with a level head to fix everything, I panicked and lost pretty much everything I had written the year prior. Here’s to fresh starts.

This is the third or fourth time this week I’ve opened a blank document hoping some inspiration would spill onto it. Since I’m still failing to truly grasp one idea, consider this a free write of sorts.

  • Betty White passed away. A few days ago, she tweeted (her reps tweeted) about her 100th birthday coming up and how she was celebrating with People Magazine. While I loved Betty as much as the next person, I can’t really be too upset that she was able to hit the eject button after two of weirdest years the world has ever experienced. May you reunite with the other Golden Girls and immediately start filming for new sitcom starring you 4 in the great beyond. I can’t wait to see it someday.
  • In more sad news, John Madden passed away as well this week. While I only knew him as the broadcaster and namesake of the Madden video games, I’ve found myself fascinated with his years as the Raiders coach. Despite my love of the Chicago Bulls, it’s always been clear to me that the Raiders were where my sports heart always would fall. The idea of the Raiders being successful and feared and being all the things that made my dad a fan is something that escapes me even as Las Vegas fights for a longshot playoff berth. I was sad Al Davis died when he passed in 2011 but Madden’s passing has really made me realize how synonymous he was with the Commitment to Excellence slogan that Al crafted.
  • There are three reasons I don’t like the Pittsburgh Steelers. 1. The Raiders were constantly battling them in the 70s (and losing). 2. The Immaculate Not-A-Catch. And 3. Ben Roethlisberger. With a dash of the fact that most of the people in Morgantown have made the Steelers their team and they worship at his alter (something that made me despise the Washington Football Team and the Cowboys in the 90s. Being surrounded by fans of a successful team sucks). Reports say that he’s finally going to do me and the Steelers a huge favor and hang up those blasted cleats. If this is true… I’ll still have to deal with a rabid fanbase of a team with six Super Bowl victories but at least Ben won’t be the face of it any longer. Rest in piss.
  • I just now decided I will name each of these posts after albums I love. If you haven’t listened to Pharrell’s 2006 album In My Mind, please do. Then, go find yourself a copy of Pharrell & Questlove’s Out Of My Mind. Matter of fact, I just did all the work for you. Enjoy.
  • Finally, Antonio Brown walked out on the Buccaneers in the middle of their game against the Jets and Coach Bruce Arians has already said he was “no longer a Buc”. I’ve talked about AB’s theatrics after his brief stay with the Raiders so am I surprised? No. Do I think he needs help? Yes. I just hope he seeks that help before he makes headlines for something even more tragic and final.

I don’t think this is a sports newsletter? On to some recent work:

  • ITEM: Hyphen Nation 190 landed in podcast land this past Thursday! I’m joined by Marcus Robinson and George Gerbo to put 2021 out of its misery with the yearly Numbers On The Board episode. Find out why you shouldn’t watch 2020’s Candyman and more!
  • ITEM: I recorded a little something over Silk Sonic’s “Smokin Out The Window” in November. Felt great to really get to work on something that wasn’t just for TikTok. I have plans on making more music this year, so this is a large step in the right direction.

This brings us to the end of the first edition of It’s Not Gonna Write Itself. Looking forward to what the year brings and really getting back into the swing of putting my thoughts down on the keyboard. Tell a friend to tell a friend! Thanks y’all.

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