Life In Morgantown: Volcano

In this new column, I’m going to take a few paragraphs to share my various travels around Morgantown. I don’t know how I ended up doing this but I think E started complimenting me and I turned into putty. A word of advice: If you want a writer to do something for you, make sure you tell them how impressed you are with their writing. Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.

Last Friday, I headed over to Patteson Drive to Volcano to meet up with my arch-nemesis good friend Steven Sherer. Steve aka Stevie aka Steve-O and I met back in my Potomac State College days and he is the primary reason I moved to Morgantown in 2003 when he asked me to be his roommate out here. He had been pestering the crap out of me to go on our infamous sushi dates (we went to Ogawa in a snowstorm once and drank too much sake. We barely made it home and then we were sober an hour later) and my bank account finally allowed me to do it. I hadn’t been to Volcano since it opened in Morgantown, so I was eager to see how it had improved since my last visit.

I sat at the bar upon arrival and Steve joined me shortly after. We both started with water but we did end up ordering a small sake (which I drank most of…). For a Friday night, it was busy but it definitely wasn’t overcrowded. Despite its smaller size due to its location next to other businesses and restaurants like Radio Shack, Pizza Hut, and Boston Beanery, the atmosphere was quite roomy as I didn’t hear anyone else’s conversations invading ours. It was so quiet that I barely noticed my friend Megan eating with two of her friends on my way out. Hopefully the sake didn’t make me too loud for other patrons.

It was a nice time catching up with my recently married friend and the food was delicious. I ordered the scallop tempura, a hurricane sushi roll (white fish, crab meat w/ special sauce), and the spicy red clam after Steve ordered it right before the waitress took my order. We both also ordered a salad and a bowl of miso soup. The service was top notch as we were never left looking for help and one of the sushi chef’s was nice enough to get me another set of chopsticks after I accidentally dropped one of mine in a fit of sushi passion.

It was a nice change of pace after a busy week at work and I would recommend Volcano for anything as simple as a quick lunch to an intimate gathering with your friends after work or even for a date. It was clear to see it has staying power beyond the fact that it serves sushi in a college town. I’m hoping to make it a regular destination in my travels about town.

Pro tip: You can use Pizza Hut’s wi-fi for free since Volcano’s wi-fi has a password! You’re all welcome.

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