RE: Today Is the Last Day of Voting for the 2023 Pajiba 10

EDIT: The results. Selected in bold.

For the few of you who may not be familiar, this is a fun exercise we do every year. Our readers vote for our version of the most beautiful person in the world, although our list tends to give equal weight to a person’s intelligence, wit, and general attractiveness. Your outliers might not make the Pajiba 10, but slowly and surely, a consensus builds around ten wonderful people each year, ten celebrities, sports figures, podcasters, or even politicians about whom the Pajiba staff is ultimately compelled to write glowing things.

Here’s how it works, and please pay attention to the instructions because it makes it much, much easier to tally the votes (no one ever pays attention to the instructions, but I’ll make an effort, anyway). You all will compile your own TEN Freebies lists —- the TEN people with whom your significant other would allow a free pass (if you don’t have a free pass or a significant other, just pretend). Please use the names they go by (instead of nicknames). You will list them in a comment. That’s it!

Voting for this began on December 22 and ended on December 29. I luckily got my vote in on December 27 but because I haven’t been posting anything on time as of late, here is my picks the day after voting ended.

That’s a 2024 problem though.

Still, I encourage you to check out the Pajiba 10, Pajiba as a whole, and I’ll update this post when the winners are announced.

Simu Liu
Sterling K Brown
John Cho
Lenny Kravitz
Ncuti Gatwa

Hannah Waddingham
Tracee Ellis Ross
Margot Robbie
Natasha Lyonne
Ali Wong

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